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Rajeev Kumar

Dr Aishwarya S Overall very good experience, starting from consultation to cataract operation.She is very calm, polite and understand the patient concern. She provides feedback in the right context and make patient understand the reason for the problem patient is going through.Once, my mother in law got little anxious but she handled the situation very well and made her understand the reason and how to handle the situation. Moreover, pep talk was really helpful to keep her calm TLC (Tender, loving, care) trait should be there with doctor and she possess that..

Balraj Raj

Dr. Aishwarya is good and friendly. Narayana nethralaya is very good hosiptal. Im very happy about the facilities for guiding us in the right way for every checkup. Thank you all.

Rama Murthy

Dr Aishwarya S dr and hospital is good…

Naveen Mp

Dr Aishwarya, We have got right eye surgery. We are very happy about Narayana netralaya Doctors Aiswarya and all departments, very well coordinates and providing quick services.

Raju Bhagya

Dr Aishwarya, good doctor and succefully surgery done. Thank u

Nagaraj S J

Overall quite good experience.Got my Mom treated there for cataract .Dr. Aishwarya s apart from being a reputed surgeon was very kind to listen to the patient & provide guidance. Thank you Madam for your help 🙏🏻 Overall experience in Narayana is quite seamless starting from the registration process to when you get directed a department, they just call you one after another…. I like the process implemented for documentation and visiting docs to compl ete with out much trouble tilll you move out of hospital….. Thanks everyone

Megha Rangaiah

Dr. Aishwarya She will be treat very friendly and this hospital is very nice and clean and hygiene all the staff treat like very friendly

Sada Shiva

Dr Aishwarya, good respond good facilities,

Lakshmipathy HC


Dr AISHWARYA well experienced cataract doctor.and very co operative staff. I got both eyes operated and my vision of both eyes is perfect now

Bindu D Raj

The overall experience with the hospital was good. Dr. Aishwarya has treated my father with cataract surgery -it was good interacting with her, she was kind, gentle and treated my father well.

Sathisha Gowda

Dr Aishwarya, good doctor good opinion, thank you.,

Kumara V

Dr Aishwarya , good surgery thank you


Good hospital and doctors. Dr Aishwarya is a good doctor to consult.

Lucky Sadanandan

My husband underwent Cataract operation under Dr. Aishwarya. It went on smoothly. Doctor is also very enterprising. Hospital staff is helpful and courteous.

Misba Fathima

Dr Aishwarya consultation is good and satisfied..

Venktamma D

Dr Aishwarya consultation is good and satisfied.

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