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Zeba Ayesha

I got Trans PRK surgery done by Dr. Rohit Shetty. I had a very smooth experience. The doctors and the staff were very helpful and answered all my doubts and questions. – Raiah Ayesha

Shilpa Shetty

I’m shipa Shetty iwent under Lasik surgery n it was done by Dr.Rohit Shetty. It was very nice experience staff were very helpful n who all want to go under Lasik can visit Narayana nethralaya I’m really happy. Thank you sew much.

Salman Khan I

I am salman khan, i have done contoura vision surgery on 14.01.2022, Dr Rohit Shetty was my doctor, treatment was wonderful and successful. Thankyou

Pradeep Kumar B K

I’m pradeep, I got lasik contura surgery from Dr rohith, Now vision is totally normal Narayana nethralaya given very good service.

Sowmya Shetty

One of the best hospital for the eye surgery and best staff with polite and calm nature for all our needs Thank you NN for the new vision and Rohit Shetty sir for the magic

Bheemaraju Mallaiah

I had underdone Lasik surgery by DR Rohit Shetty and Dr Pooja khamar and had a gud experience and satisfied with my vision.


I underwent Contoura Lasik surgery operated by Dr. Rohith Shetty. The whole procedure was about 20 minutes which was excellently taken care by whole staffs. The surgeon was very professional and was constantly communicating throughout the surgery. There were several tests and scanning done during pre-surgery as well as post surgery for the constant monitoring. All the staffs were well mannered and their co-ordination were exceptionally good. I was filled with contentment and was satisfied with high quality standards. I am very thankful to Narayana Nethralaya for treating me well.

G. Chaitanya

Had a good experience. For each field they assigned one employee. My friend had completed Contoura Lasik Laser treatment for both eyes, Dr. Rohit Shetty is responded very nicely. Staff taken proper care. Over experience was excellent.

uthappa bs

I was diagnosed with keratoconus and I consulted Dr.Rohit Shetty and was advised for a surgery , the team here is very well experienced and the care and advice offered is top notch , the whole team of counselors are also very well experienced and they provide good support. The team is very well organised and there is no question of wait time , the experience is amazing and taking a moment to thank the entire team

Ramya Naik

I underwent Lasik surgery from Dr Rohit Shetty sir and Dr pooja mam,Thank you for entire team for the wonderful service,i am very much happy,I would really suggest each one who is looking for such surgeries.

tasleem banu

Dr. Rohit Shetty suggested for contoura Lasik laser surgery for me , it went so well that I was able to see everything on the same day of surgery.. Even the staff members are very supportive, the entire process went very smoothly due to their wonderful co-ordination and I am very happy with my vision now …


It was good experience my eyes has been improved from last surgery.thank you Dr Rohit Shetty .

Hema Gangaiah

I am Bharath G. I took a PRK surgery from Rohit Shetty. Operation went on very well. Mainly the staffs & doctors are very much friendly & environment is very good & process is very smooth and good. Overall experience is very good


Lasik surgery done by Rohit shetty, Great experience, Thank you!!!

melanie thyagaraj

LASIK surgery by doctor Rohit Shetty It’s been a smooth process to get the surgery, pain less it was quick and felt at ease i was explained the procedure in detail , very friendly staff and helpful

vimarsha c r

I got my LASIK done from Dr Rohit Shetty. It was very smooth process and got my surgery scheduled ASAP since I was supposed to travel. And complete surgery was done within 10min and it was painless. And I could read almost everything.

Bhavyashree k

I did get my Lasik surgery from Rohit Shetty, it was a wonderful experience, the process went on very smooth and i have not got any challenges during my entire surgery process, very good counselors, very patient in explaining the entire procedure.Would definitely recommend here for any eye problems.

Manjunath Pandian

I got contoura Lasik done from Narayana nethralaya by Dr. Rohit Shetty. Had a very good experience. All the staff were helpful.

Fathimath Jabeen

I did Smile Extra surgery from this hospital Dr. Rohith Shetty did my surgery. My surgery is perfect now i have 100% vision without glass. The surgery is painless it is laser surgery. This hospital all the services is superb all the Doctors and staffs are very helpful and very attentive. I will definitely recommend this hospital

Shalini H 1SG20IS081

It was pain less. It was best experience dr rohit shetty did well I personally like full .

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