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Harish Kumar

DR Yathish have very nice and nicely explained . And staff service also very good ….

Aavaiz Siddiq

Dr Yathish my eyes is better now thank you Yathish sir

Rama Rama

Dr Yathish have seen so nice and cataract surgery done now I am feeling better …and staffs service also very good …

Advocate puneeth krishnappa

Dr Yathish have seen very nice and good advice and staffs services also. Very good.. and good experience.

Latha Babu

Dr Yathish have seen very nicely and nicely explain and staffs servy also very good..

Ambaji Rao

Dr Yathish is an excellent eye surgeon, my mom got operated for both of eyes and now is doing good. My colleague Hema referred and very happy and thankful for her help.

Silviya P

Dr Yathish Co operative& GOOD Well treating Dr iam satisfied with his treatment

Asha Asha

Dr Yathish Such a Good Treatment and friendly Dr


Dr. Yathish is extremely professional and is great in his diagnosis. For what I thought was a major issue, the problem was resolved in a matter of minutes for my 10 year old. Extremely happy and pleased to have met him

Manju Manju

Dr yathish had a good treatment with doctor so much of improvement from last visit to now thank you for the service

Pavithra Dayanand

Dr Yathish is good, And am happy with that, satisfied with the consult.

bk das

Dr yathish very professional and very satisfied ,undergoing treatment for past 4 yrs plus happily.

Mamtha G

Dr Yathish Good Suggestion And Best Eye Hospital

Anuradha Ks

Dr Yathish Cataract operated Was Very Nice Very Humble Person Dr poornachandra treatment is good and staffs are all very cooperative.


Dr. Dhanraj and Dr Yathish
Very good treatment . And the way they communicate is too good. They are not in a hurry to do the checkup and send a patient. They will listen to the patients view in patience which is a good quality.

Chidu Sd

Dr Yathish is treating the patients is soo supper and guiding the patience is the good

Sandeep D.S

Dr.Yatish S has done eye surgery for my mother. It went well. Thanks.

rajesh rajesh

Dr Yathish Treatment is Very Good very Humble Person Staff Also helped Hospital Was Best Eye Hospital

Manikandan Appar

Dr Yathish Sir is taken care very well and my son recovered well. Thanks so much Dr. and hospital.

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