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Dr yathish shivanna treated Me very well and good treatment medicine had a great experience with hospital highly recommended to the eye problems thank you…

Manikandan Appar

Dr Yathish is taken care very well and my so.n recovered well. Thanks so much Dr. and hospital.

Devaraje Gowda

Dr Yathish Very Good Treatment I am happy Hospital best Eye Hospital

Vilas Balamatti

Dr Yathish Perfectly Very Good Treatment I am Happy with Servicing

Sourabh Roy

Dr.Yathish is good in behaviour as well as doctor…He can explain very well…I have undergone DALK surgery on my left eye in the year 2015 left eye going well…

Saranathan R

Dr Yathish.efficient.good service.by dr.and staff

Vamshi Vamshi

Dr Yathish Treatment is very helpful Good Suggestions very Good eye Hospital

Raveendran T

Dr Yathish and team has done an excellent service for me. The recent cataract surgery went extremely smooth and efficient. Dr Yathish was extremely co operative and patiently arranged neck pillow etc for my comfort before the surgery. He has been always patient to explain the eye condition and progress during my every visits.I am also extremely happy about the Cornea transplant surgery he had done for my right eye 6 years back, I got back a very clear vision after the surgery. I never expected such clear vision initially.Thanks a lot to Narayana Nethralaya, Dr Yatheesh, and his team.Thanks a lot to Narayana Nethralaya, Dr Yatheesh, and his team.In continuation to the review above, I am happy to post this, as the result / post surgery recovery of my Cataract surgery done by Dr Yatheesh S was excellent and I am extremely happy about that. I am thankful to Dr Yatheesh and his supporting team at Narayana Nethralaya, Rajajinagar for their great service. Among the support team, I would like to specifically mention Mr Madhusudhan, for his cheerful and caring help whenever I visit Dr for check up.
Thank you and keep it up.
Raveendran T

Niju Rc

Dr Yathish Good Eye Transplant Surgeon Very Humble Person

Eswara Babu

Good consultation process. Good support from staff. Met Dr. YATHISH for eye treatment. Well treated..

manjula m

Dr Yathish Good Response Pterygium Surgery Was very Excellent

Tabassum Unnisa

Dr. Yatish A very good experience getting treated at narayana netralaya, good experience about Dr. Yatish, helping and guiding staff.

RamaChandra CS

Dr Yathish is very good cornea specialist. He is very patient to listen to our problem and provide good medications.


Dr yathish had cleared my eye problem with follow UP Thank you Doctor and narayana nethralaya

Mallesh M

Dr yathish had given solutions to ma father eye problem explained the problems of his eyes and got full satisfied with the consultation thank you


[email protected] 9964823020

dr Yathish had done surgey to my eye had a great experince with doctor good response to the medicences too hygine hospital thank you doctor and staffs

Srinivasan Venkataraju

Dr Yathish treatment is highly appreciated. Fi वे years ago I was operated for the left eye. Both the surgeries were done by him. I felt great for the precision and kindness. Thanks Nararayana Nethralaya.


Dr yathish has helped me to calm down while I panicked a very good staff I didn’t wait for more than 10 min

Madhu Sudhan M R

Dr yathish treatment was very good and satisified with consultation thank you


Dr Yathish very Good Surgeon Humble Person Best Eye Hospital

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