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Priyadarshi R

Dr Yathish Treat is Very Good My Eye Problem Clear

Shivukumar Kumar

Dr Yathish Good Response Very Humble Person Best 👁️ Hospital

Hemalatha Kumar

Excellent especially the dt. Yatishs thoroughness on everythin

Mithun R Setty

Dr Yathish Very nice experience My father got cataract surgery He is very very good

Mohan Rao

Dr yathish good response from all staff

Suma Chakari

Dr Yathish cataract Surgery Was Very Exellent

Lokesh Kumar

Dr Yathish sir, he is an excellent doctor …my mother was suffering left eye pain and visibility problem.After surgery now she can able to view ( clear visibility). The treatment is superb….

Yogesh KN

Dr Yathish S, The quality of service especially , the way they treated us during the treatments was very nice.I highly recommend this eye hospital if you have any eye issues .

Shivakumar VG

Dr. Yatish operated limbal dermoid surgery for my Kid and executed very well. I am happy with the surgery done. Thanks a lot Dr.

Dilip Kumar

Dr Yathish nice response and friendly staf better experience

John Itteera

Dr Yathish S. Is a nice doctor with patience and very reliable and credible…He is not in a hurry and engage you with compassion…I recommend his services to anyone who require consultation

Usha Edgur

Dr Yathish Surgery was Very Experienced I am Fully Happy Thanks To NN

Deepa L

Dr Yathish Shivanna a wonderful and understanding doctor i felt while treating me. Given very good suggestions on my visit to the hospital.

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