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Premraj R

My dad had cataract in both the eyes…. The facilities at the hospital is stunning… Even an illiterate didn’t need to roam from post to pillar..The hospital management system is the base for this success… Wanted to thank Dr.Tejal for being a pillar of support during the entire course of surgery…

Shridharags Shridharags

Dr. Tejal Madam Dr. Tejal is very good response and also she talk in kannada it really nice. She is talk friendly so I really like her


Dr. Tejal is very experienced…my mother’s treatment was very good…both eyes’ eyesight was weak but she treated and operated very well…thanks to her.The entire staff of the hospital is very nice.. they talk to everyone respectfully.. no one faces any problem at any time.. they handle all the patients in a systematic manner..

Lavanya Bhaskar

Dr.tejal s.j- very happy with service ,doctors and staff everyone is very cooperative thank you for ur support

manjula Hegde

Dr. Tejal is very polite and professional. Had food experience with my mom eye surgery

Panchaksharappa Nelahoonne

Dr Tejal s j Did second eye surgery to my wife
very excellent co operative services we are very satisfied

Nataraj Ganga

Wanted to thank Dr Tejal for the smooth operation..my dad got operated for cataract surgery which went very smooth and even doctor was friendly and sweet.


Visited Dr tejal cataract department for my mothers right eye surgery. It was a pleasant and smooth experience from the day of pre operation checkup to operation and post operation checkup. The hospital staff was very courteous , helpful and well informed


Dr tejal s j Treatment was very good, I am very happy, and all staff is very friendly thank u so much all

Nithin Ramesh

The treatment here was absolutely flawless and felt peaceful all thanks to our Dr Tejal ✨

bhaskara sastry

Dr Tejal She is very polite and answered all our Doubts. Very nice experience.Excellent

Dr Lakman rao’s

Dr tejal treatment was very good And all staff is very helpful, overall hospital service is excellent πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ thank u so much for all

bhaskara sastry

Dr Tejal She is very polite and answered all our Doubts. Very nice experience.Excellent

Bharath Kumar

Dr Tejal, loved the hospitality, the care while treatment and whilst post surgery too.

Rana Singh

Dr. Tejal Treatment was very satisfactory,
Doctor and facility with co_ staff are very supporting.

K Sandeep

Got cataract surgery done for my mother. It was a very smooth process. Dr Tejal and team did a great job. The hospital team was very courteous and guided us throughout the whole process.We are planning for the other eye in a week’s time.

Puttagangappa K A

Dr Tejal, very good doctor. Overall hospital service is good thank u so much all

arun kumar M G

Dr. Tejal Treatment was very good. Visited your hospital for my mother’s cataract operation.Facilities provided was very good.
Dr. Madam Tejal s approach was excellent and praiseworthy. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Hari Singh

I got a cataract surgery done for my mother in law aged 64 years from Dr.Tejal , we found the hospital and the doctor very good, the doctor is very well experienced and we are happy with the way surgery was conducted.

Surya SK

Dr.Tejal we consulted She is very good in advising patients and giving detailed information about the eye condition. Loved the treatment at NN.

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