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shivaraj kumar

Dr. Tejal, well experienced, my daddy got eye operation, she supported us, hospitality was good.Thanks to Doctor for support. 🙏🏻


Dr tejal Treatment was good and system was good thank you to doctor and staff

Sumitha Subramaniyam

Really happy with the service and surgery that was performed for my father in law. Thanking Doctor Tejal S J for being so good and always smiling.

Sadiq Pasha

Dr Tejal, she is very professional her work and very much happy with her service.Thank you

Ravi Kumar

Dr . Tejal s. J She’s a very good and calm doctor over all good experiences with Narayana Nethralaya
Thank you

Deepak J

Dr. Tejal nice experience Doctor treatment is excellent, her interaction with patients was touched for our heart hospital cleanliness was satisfied

Jai Prakash

Dr tejal We are very satisfied with d treatment and cordial services by this hospital under your guidance

vinutha vb

Dr Tejal s j Had good experience with doctor is very supportive and friendly doctor

Vinayak Mullur

My Dad recently underwent a cataract operation, and He couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Dr. TEJAL.S.J & the surgical team was highly skilled, and the entire process was smooth. My vision has significantly improved, and he is grateful for the excellent care and expertise provided by the medical staff. Highly recommend Narayana Nethralaya ( Rajajinagar) for cataract surgery.


It’s a good eye hospital in Bangalore city. The doctors are good and give the best consultation. Staff is helpful and courteous, complete solution for eye problems. Dr. Tejal was our surgeon very good hospitality.


Dr. Tejal was good. He performed eye surgery well for my father and my father is now able to see clearly tha before, he went through cataract surgery.

Tyson gaming

Dr Tejal consulting very good and operated well. Both eye surgery done well done with the surgery thank you.

Hema Rani

Dr.Tejal treated my grandfather very nicely. Advised on the treatment very neatly and surgery was done efficiently..and my grandfather is very happy with his clear vision now..Thanks for Dr Tejal and team

Raja Shekar

Dr Tejal It is good facility for eye treatment dr Tejal very perfect in operation and got operated both eyes including treatment

sachin gowda

\DR Tejal- It was really a good experience getting operated by dr tejal and i must say she really taken a great care and i would highly recommend dr tejal i am really happy with the service.

sushil tiwari

Dr. Tejal.Did second eye surgery to my mother in law.The superb services has been provided by the entire team and staff..and my mother in law is doing well..I can only say that this is best Eye hospital in Bangalore..Thanking you Dr Tejal and all support staff..
Dr. Tejal did surgery to my mother in law. she is feeling good.dr Tejal has good experience and she does the things faster. it was overall good experience all staff guided us very well.

alaknanda adur

Dr. Tejal, we had a very good experience during and post surgery , recommended always

prajwal devraj

It was nice experience with doctor Tejal treat my father nicely and also all staffs treat me well. Thank you very much

Prabhamani Lokesh

Dr.Tejal was the Doctor who did the operation. It was successful.Thank you Hospitality in the hospital was also too good

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