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Latha mani

I was treated by Dr. Tejal. She was so professional and kind. I’m happy with the hospitality of the staff and entire team.

Preran S H

Dr. Tejal The experience of right eye’s cataract operation was an excellent experience. Now I am see very clearly.

Shashank.D.R Gowda

Dr. Tejal S J is done the operation. I thanks to Narayana Nethralaya Eye Hospital. Earlier my mom couldn’t see properly after the operation was done by Dr. Tejal my mom she can see without Glass

Nivedita Biswas

Had good service. Done my parents cataract eye surgery with Dr Tejal, it was nice and smooth.

Chaithra P

Dr Tejal s j had good experience polite speaking operation carried out peacefully without creating any tension with patient overall performance was excellent

yashu gudekoti

Dr Tejal treated my father in law. We have received good hospitality and services. Thank you…

Harish Belavadi

Dear Dr. Tejal, I wanted to express our sincere gratitude for the exceptional care and expertise you provided during my mom’s eye surgeries. The process was incredibly smooth, and her recovery has been excellent. We are truly thankful for you and your outstanding operation team.

B Sudhakar

Dr Tejal s j Excellent service we r very thankful and also good hospitality.

anakha ravindran

It was a great experience and always had a warm welcome environment at hospital. And service team always had a good approach.Dr Tejal one of the Best doctor. More comfortable and she does welcome with beautiful smile and explains very clear.Both my parents surgery was done by her and very satisfied

Gangadha Raiah

Dr Tejal s j Very good treatment by the Dr and also the supporting staffs have helped at every stage hospital is very cleaned and hygiene


DR. Tejal S- difficult because all the staff I met were very pleasant to deal-Thank you for implementing my suggestion given on 07/11/2023.today we came for review after surgery of the other eye and happy to see the staff at 8.am collecting all the files

naga bushan

Dr Tejal It’s very good treatment and good suggestion for the right time of my mother Eye treatment Madam TQ….

Nanjundappa H K

Tejal dr. Very well treatment Sai bhakti madam also give God suggestions for us

Dayanand.N Anand

Dr tejal s j Is a friendly caring & good doctor…..Thanks to her for good hospitality

Tukaram B

Dr. Tejal S J, She is wonderful doctor with good supportive and friendly.everyone, I really suggest you for any kind of the eye problems or issue if you are facing please visit Narayana Nethralaya It’s a well versed infrastructure and facilities eye hospital in Bangalore city. Staff are helpful and courteous, and guide all types of problems start to end of the surgery.

Manju nath

Good treatment and Dr.Tajel explained well about treatment and

Shrini Vasa

Dr Teja treatment is very good and well,staffing also good

Shaila 3007

Dr Tejal I am very happy with your operation mam thank you so much mam

Laxmi devi R.S

My mother has undergone cataract surgery by Dr. Tejal and after surgery my mother is able to see properly. We all are happy about it and I would recommend Narayana Nethralaya and Dr. Tejal to my relatives and friends for the excellent work they are doing right from the reception till the surgery.

Mamatha Anil

Dr tejal She is good and cool doctor good treatment and both eyes surgery was done excellent.

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