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Dr. Sai Bhakti Mishra Reviews

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I have visited to Narayana nethralaya dr sai bhakthi excellent and good doctor

Shwetha Kn

Dr. Sai bhakthi… She was good… And gave a good suggestions and treatment.. And very good response than k u mam…

Rajanna R

Dr said bhakti treatment is good and she clearly explained all my doubt s and staff also good.

Ramakrishnan Muniswamy

Dr. CHAITRA JAYADEV . I Ramakrishnan a patient of Dr Chaitra jayadev has a very nice and excellent Surgery operations and also she gave me a effective medical treatment . As one specialist Dr named Sai Bhakti also had suggested very effective medical advice for me. I really appreciate their humble medical advice which stays remembered ever in my life. Thanks them.i begin ex defence person and also senior citizen wish them both very healthy long life and happy life God bless there’s family’s

Noushad Mohamed

Dr Sai bhakthi is very friendly and good doctor. We are fully satisfied with her consultation also the outside staff nice and cooperative. We are from Wayanad kerala visiting 4th time and satisfied. Keep it up

amaresh amaresh

Dr Sai bhakti.We are happy to consult the doctor and she explained very clearly about my eye problems.

Beerapa Kajapur

Dr sai bhakthi Good doctor we are so happy and staffs are very helpful.

Adarsh Adithya

Dr Sai Bhakthi madam as treated so well we r very happy with there service

Tulasi Priya

Dr Sai bhakti very good and her speaking way is very kind and my eye problem is now clear.

Chandrakanth Babu

Dr Sai bhakthi treatment is very good very happy with his service and staffs are all cooperative.

Bhavani Raj

Dr. Sai bhakti has taken care of us very nicely,good improvements in our patient. Thanks a lot to Staff muttu lakshmi for cooperation I will definitely recommend.

Narasimha Murty k

Dr sai bhakti good advice and treatment also nicely clearly explained about my eye problem staffs also helpful Thanks to narayana nethralaya.

Ranjeet Kumar

Dr Sai bhakthi We so Happy doctor is very kind and explaining very clearaly

Ranjeet Kumar

Dr Sai bhakthi We so Happy doctor is very kind and explaining very clearly

Dasegowda Dasegowda

Dr Sai bhakthi Doctor is very kind and her treatment is helpful staffs also very Co-operative.

Rakesh Rayala

Best experience with Dr Sai Bakthi and Staff Mrs Muthu Lakshmi and Mr puneeth at Uvea dept.. thanks a lot

Mahantesh Mukare

Dr Sai Bhakthi .Very good in all aspects. Diagnosis and suggestions were excellent.

Arun Subhan

(Translated by Google) Dr.Sai Bhakti Giving good treatment thanks to narayana nethralaya.

Vanaja Vanaja

Dr sai bhakthi I’m so happy and doctor is very kind she will explain very clearly and staffs also very helpful

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