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muttarajur mutta

Dr Sai bhakthi.and Dr gairik Excellent service good hospital and staffs also very helpful and I’m specially thanks to Dr Bhujanga Shetty sir also

soumya shetty

Dr. Sai Bhakthi Mishra,I don’t know how to start about the experience. My son having retina problem. Dr. Sai Bhakthi is really kind and human who treats very nicely like mother. She is explaining the problems very smoothly and her staff Sarawathi & Lakshmi both of very good persons I have never seen such a very patience and smooth talking.Dr. Nagesk C K did the retina detachment surgery and finally after all the procedure he was able to see and do his own work so a big hats off to the doctor and staffs.Both doctors and staffs a very special thanks to my son..

Roopa Babu

Had an appointment. Attended by Lt col Dr satyabala. Very humble n polite Dr. Even the technician and the supporting staff were very co-operative. Did not ask me to do unnecessary tests. Just basic and routine checkup. Thank u

Ganesh Reddy

Dr sai bhakti is good consultant we are happy 😊

Shashikanth V

Dr sai bhakthi.Excellent doctor and Very kind she explained Very clearly about our problems and now is eye problem is revolving thanks to narayana nethralaya

Selvi Mani

(Translated by Google) Dr sai bhakti Good service thanks to narayana nethralaya

Pavithra s

The hospitality in here is very good I was assigned to Dr Sai bakthi the doctor understands the problem and provides good suggestions. She dint recommend unnecessary test or treatment. Overall it was good

Punith Puni

Dr Sai bhakthi treatment was very excellent and my Father Happy with dr treatment and speaking friendly gaided also very well staff explain also very excellent she also coaprated very well and explain medication also excellent thanks to narayana nethralaya

Vainik A

Dr Sai bhakti Mishra She is a good doctor ,and her follow up to eye check up is excellent.

Farheen BN

The treatment was well done by @sai bhakti And the staff was well with coordinating

Krishna M

Dr Sai bhakthi. Good consultant and I’m so happy with the service.

y nagod

Dr Sai bhakthi Wonderful treatment. Well experienced doctors. Thanks Doctor.

Sagaya Nathan

Dr Sai bhakhti.
she will explain very clearly about our eye problem and she is have very patience very humanity person. And counter people also very helpful and they will guide very clearly.

Murali n.murali

Dr Sai bhakti
I’m happy with treatment and very satisfied staffs also very good and helpful

Karthik Keyan,R

Dr Sai bhakthi very good doctor and ma’am explains about our problem very clearly and now is resolving thanka to narayana nethralaya.

Murthy G

Dr sai bhakthi very satisfied with her treatment doctor Will treat the patients like her family members we are so happy.

Suhas SM

Dr.Sai Bhakthi
The doctor is polite and treat the patient according to the patient needs and give a great guidance.
Thank you and good staffs were appointed here even thanks a lot for theme

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