Dr. Sai Bhakti Mishra

Dr. Sai Bhakti Mishra Reviews

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L Ravi

Dr Sai bhakti.
Good consultant we are with the treatment.

amaresh amaresh

Dr Sai bhakti.
We are happy to consult the doctor and she explained very clearly about my eye problems. Thanks to narayana nethralaya

Sonia sony

Dr Sai bhakthi Mishra from my perspective/experience I have never seen a doctor like as you who is so concerned towards patient…my vision is better today and and I am able to type this message is due to your course of action towards my issue ..I am greatly indeed for your treatment , your so loyal for what you do, thanks a lot doctor.

priya naik

Dr. Sai bhakti, whom I consulted is very approachable and impressionable.
Give correct reviews on my course of treatment.

Syed Rafieq

Dr Sai bhakthi Mishra is a good consultant and this is my first visit I was overwhelming by her treat and vary good staffs appointed here thanks a lot to hole department

RoopA Santhu

Dr Sai bhakti excellent and she is doing very good job with the patient she is very friendly.

kemparaju M.T

Dr Sai bhakthi very good doctor and I’m fully happy for her treatment and outsider staffs also very helpful and kind thanks to Narayana nethralaya.

Putt Anna

Dr sai bhakthi
She is a very good doctor and kind
Doctor explained about our eye problem very clearly and staff’s also helpful.

Kumar Kumar

Dr Sai bhakthi and Dr Sathi Devi Both doctors are very caring,friendly and their treatment is very good and my problem also resolving thanks to narayana nethealaya

Asha P

Dr Sai bhakthi and Dr. Ramesh venkatesh is a good mankind person he treated my father came to the hospital in very worse situation then he treated very well he got back is vision. I am so happy and thankful to doctors

Indranil Dey

Consulted Dr. Padmamalini M for Uvitis Problem. It is long running treatment. She does not give unnecessary medicines.

Consulted Dr Sai Bhakti for Uvitis problem. Every time we consult her, she explains the health problem and its treatment plan. It gives us confidence. She listens with patience and gives time to patient. We are happy with her treatment.

Mary Mariamma

Dr sai bhakti and Dr chaitra Jayadeva very good and her family was too good

Jayanti Sahoo

Dr Sai Bhakti She is treating very good in my family I brought 2 patients with different problems the treatment was excellent now they are fine I have no words to explain I thank Dr Bujanga shetty also and counter people and all the staff’s very good and cooperative.

Shashikanth V

Dr sai bhakthi. Excellent doctor and Very kind she explained Very clearly about our problems and now is eye problem is revolving

Suresh Giri

Dr Sai bhakti Very good doctor and we are very satisfied with her treatment

Aruna Gn

Dr Sai bhakti Good doctor and very responsible person we are so happy with her treatment.

Lakshman Lakshman

Dr sai bhakthi very good doctor and madam explained about eye problem very clearly now I’m feeling better and staffs also very helpful.

Thyagaraja M.S

Dr.Saibhukti studied and taken at most care about my eye problem and given treatment. Found better after using the suggested medicines Thanks for treatment and taken care.

Narasimhamurthy K

Dr sai bhakthi is a good doctor very very good treatment,she is explaining very clearly about all.

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