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Shfiwul Islam

First uveitis specialist doctor Namita Dave has treated then for Retina consultation done by doctor Sherine Braganza..Both are carefully treated..Happy to be here..

Md Didar

Doctor Namita Dave first perfectly checked then Doctor Sherine..satisfaction with Services.. Happy with the full team

Chan Chan

Dr. Namita Dave..The experience was great. The doctor was very sweet, explained about the patient’s condition in detail. The nurses and other staff members were also kind and guided us very well.Thank you .

Hg90 Ih90

Went for eye consultation and the whole process was real smooth. Consultations provided doctor Namita Dave and doctor Shoruba Dinakaran..Good team with best process.

Rani Biswas

Doctor Namita Dave and doctor Lubna zameer.Recommendations

Murugasan Murugasan

Doctor Namita Dave first treated then refer to doctor sherine maam for retina opinion.. injection also provided.. Recommended

Md Jahangir

Pleased after consult with uveitis specialist doctor Namita Dave and doctor Lubna zammer.. appreciate and happy with all the services..

Md Arefin Naim

Visited and consultation provided well..Consultant doctor Namita Dave and doctor Sherine Braganza..Recommendations

Dilip Chakraborty

Dr Namita Dave provided excellent treatment .I visited for my eye checkup.Doctor provided very systemic check up procedure step by step …Surgery also perfectly went.. absolutely fine after that..Pleased after consult with her.. Recommend

Babul Khan

I was having some type of eye issue.. First uveitis specialist doctor Namita Dave treated nicely treated then cibsuptvwotj expert doctor Himanshu Matalia..It’s a perfect place to check your eye..

Nirmal Chaki

Doctor Namita Dave perfectly checked ..Then Dr.Sherine ma’am..guided nicely..Bengali staff guided nicely but required more staff.. Recommended

Bhagya SR

Extremely pleased after consult with doctor Namita Dave..surgery also went well. Expert doctor she is..carefully handled and carefully treated..Really she is very patient centric and got nice behaviour..Thanks to the team .


perfection with best consultation.. Doctor Namita Dave,Doctor Pratibha panmand,Doctor Gagan dudeja,..Appreciate..


Dr. namitha was very good with my diagnosis. She is a true good person

Md Badsha


Extremely pleased after consult with doctor Namita Dave and doctor Sherine Braganza..Good process with systematic way..Thanks..

shishir barua

Doctor Namita Dave and doctor Sherine Braganza.. Doctors are treating very well.. Recommended this type of service.. Pleased.

Mayesha Anjum

Doctor Namita Dave..Uveitis specialist, expert doctor..treated also well,them consult with doctor Shoruba dinakaran..Glaucoma specialist ..Both given proper guidelines..Best wishes..

Harindra Kopalli

My mother had the privilege of being treated by the remarkable Dr. Namita Dave, an eye specialist who not only performed successful cataract surgery for both her eyes but also exhibited unwavering kindness and guidance throughout the process. Dr. Dave’s exceptional surgical skill was evident in the seamless procedure and her thorough post-operative care. What truly sets Dr. Dave apart is her genuine compassion and dedication to patient well-being, making the entire experience not only medically successful but also emotionally comforting. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Namita Dave to anyone in search of an outstanding and compassionate eye specialist for their loved ones.

Shankranarayan. B Eesha.

Today got surgery provided doctor Namita Dave..Cataract surgery went well..Not faced any issue here.. Experienced doctor with well co ordination..Thank you .

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