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Ekramul Hoque

Uveitis Specialist Doctor Namita maam, smooth and treatment was nice but time took little more..Otherwise everything was okk..

Sanju Harijan

Doctor Namita Dave checked with proper instructions and doctor Pratibha panmand for child Recommended

Panash Paul

Consultant doctor Namita Dave treated for eye issue..satisfactory experience with overall process

Lovely Dotta

I had a seamless experience from day 1 – no long waiting time, hassle free guidance from all the staffs – very friendly. I met with Dr.Namita Dave..Recommendations

27 B Mahith. K M

I consulted with Dr. Namita Dave for cataract surgery. The process was a very smooth and professional.Doctor is very helpful and given proper treatment..Nurses are warm and very conscious about everything. They just don’t build the trust, they earn it.

Sabita Dhargupta

Doctor Namita Dave.. Checked for eye treatment.. Guided and given the instructions as required

Dulal Pk

Doctor Lubna zameer and doctor Namita Dave..recommendations highly for this type of best services

income life1234

Had a great experience provided experienced doctor Namitha Maam.. Recommendations

Harendra Sharma

Had visited Narayana nethralaya for my wife’s eye problem ,we came here Dr Namita Dave mam checked her and provided cataract surgery. We had a wonderful experience with mam as guided and surgery was also went well in a very planned manner.

Al Amin pk

Doctor Thirumalesh mb..experience doctor.. ..All staff right from reception to operation theatre the services were very courteous. After surgery my right eye vision is very clear and no words to express my sincere thanks to Dr.Thirumalesh mb and doctor Namita Dave. My sincere thanks to Insurance claim dept for their splendid service. Well equipped with modern technology. Regards 🙏

Kormo Kar

My sincere thanks to dr.Gagan sir…Guided as required.. For my relative consultant was doctor Dr.Himanshu and doctor Namitha Dave.. Recommendations

Zahidul islam

Uveitis eye specialists doctor Namita Dave ,then doctor Sameeksha ma’am..Both treated for eye issues, went well all the check up..Appreciated

laxmi katta

Had visited Narayana nethralaya for my sister’s eye problem which was not recovered after visiting 2 ophthalmologist while when we came here Dr Namita Dave mam checked her and provided the correct treatment due to which problem resolved. We had a wonderful experience with mam as she always made us understand the problem in detail and treatment plan was also provided in a very planned manner.

Mongali Maya

Today doctor Gagan sir provided the occuloplasty surgery,went well also met with doctor Namita Dave..overall hassle-free and good service

Dilip Chandro Roy

Seamless with experienced Doctor’s treatment. Doctor Namita Dave and doctor Gagan Dudeja..

Hoysala .L

Good experience with overall process . consultant doctor Namita Dave and doctor Nandini c .today got surgery by doctor Nandini c ma’am.. Recommend

Mdbablu Rohoman

My sincere thanks to doctor Namita Dave and doctor Lubna zameer and all the staffs for making it easy during our difficult times. Good day!..Thanks to the team

Rashed Hasan

Consulted with Doctor Namita Dave for my cataract surgery…very nicely treated and guided also .Best treatment with awesome treatment…Very experienced and carefully..Thank you for your awesome service..Staffs are also guided nicely…


I came here for eye consultation..consult with doctor Namita Dave.. Appreciate

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