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Amiya Das

For my wife eye related issue consult with doctor Namita Dave. Ma’am suggested surgery after seeing her,then today got surgery without any issue ..Very expert doctor with full efforts..Happy with all the service what I got from here.Thank you doctor and full team of nethralaya…

Sarmin Akhter

Consultations completed.. Doctor Namita Dave and Doctor Sushma Tejwani..Instructed perfectly..

Sanjiban Roy

Definitely i can say Dr Namita Dave is very expert doctor..We are very pleased and satisfied after consult with her..Best experience

Misary Devi

Recommendation for this hospitality and the service what i got from here..Doctor Namita Dave..Expert and experienced..Then she refer to Dr Adrian,Doctor perfectly performed the surgery .first to last full excellent experienced..Happy to be here in nethralaya..

Akhi Akter

Doctor Namita Dave and Doctor sherine Braganza..Consult both and given proper guidance.. Recommendation..

Bikinilla Molla

Doctor Namita Dave checked first then for redness she send for doctor Nandini c.. Medicine instructions given . Good service..

Jogonuth Sarkar

Consult first Dr.Lubna then for oculoplasty met with dr.Gagan sir..Also consult dr Namita Dave..overall good experience.. Recommended

Ashok Saha

Doctor Shoruba Dinakaran and Dr.Namita Dave..consult both doctor for eye check up..Happy to be here..

nagayya s

I visited multiple times for my parents treatment at here. we took cataract surgery for my father and mother by consulting Dr Namita Dave Madam. now my parents are so well after treatment and today my family consulted with the same and we are so happy with the service thank you narayana nethralaya


Dr Namita Dave and Dr.Shoruba dinakaran..Both are specialist and expert doctor..Highly satisfied with all the services I got..Happy to be here..

Mohammad nurunabi

Visited nethralaya and met with uveitis specialist doctor Namita Dave..guided and instructions given.. Recommendation

Abo Sayeed

Best treatment I got provided senior Dr. Namita Dave.. Surgery went well.. Not faced any issue.. Total it was a excellent experience.. Happy to be here.. Doctor to staff everyone guided.. Recommended..

pranti swapan

Dr.Namita Dave treated for my husband and my daughter met with dt.Pratibha panmand..given proper guidelines what to do..Have to follow also..pleased..

s barua

Doctor Namita Dave..uveitis specialist.. For my sister i met then she refer to glaucoma specialist dr.Shoruba dinakaran..Eye pressure problem my sister was having so dr done laser….hassle-free.. Appreciated

Debobrota Chakraborti

Doctor Namita Dave checked and given instructions.. For my father met with dr.Sherine ma’am..Recommend

shimul brothers

Doctor Namita Dave perfectly checked and given proper guidance.. Very helpful and co operative.. Recommendations

Md Shawon

Doctor Namita Dave carefully treated, specialist doctor with expert treatment..Also consult with doctor Jyoti and Nandini c ma’am for my relative.. Recommended

Md Shajso

For me consult with doctor Jyoti Matalia and then for cornea met with doctor Nandini c ma’am..very good place for eye check up…Extreme good facilities and process Also for my friend consult with doctor Namita Dave .Highly appreciated

Rafiqul Islam

Doctors s are Dr.Gagan Dudeja and Uveitis specialist dr.Namita Dave.Namita dave is very specialist doctor for uveitis issue.. .Guideline given properly. Refer to another also for this type of treatment..Recommendations

Shyamal Manna

I came for retina uveitis eye check up in narayana nethralaya hospital dr namita dave consulted us she is very professional and service is so good and support staffs are very friendly we are so happy for treatment thank you

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