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Sudhakar S Rajan

Dr. G K Venkatesh..Hospital doctors and staffs are very well cooperative and supportive towards suggesting a right diagnosis and treatments. Timings are very well maintained as per appointment and no favoring. My father vision was blurry due to cataract and surgery done.. now it’s become normal 6/6. Thanks to Entire NN team

ANAND.B. Rohidekar

Dr G K Venkatesh A very efficient eye surgeon. Operation was executed ,smoothly.

Saraswathi A

Dr.venkatesh G K Very good service for cataract surgery. Polite & cooperative staff around.

gk b

Dr Venkatesh V.Good service all staffs very helpful

Ashitha L

Dr G K Venkatesh Very grateful for the service. Kind staff. I’m very happy with the service

K P Singh

Dr Venkatesh good serves all staffs good servos

mahica esha

Gk Venkatesh. Doctor is very professional but makes us wait for 2 hrs for the consultation. Great work


Dr venkatesh felt happy with the service thank you Friendly staff

amogh Infotech

Dr. G.K.V, had best experience with doctor. He is amazing. Process: well organised, after every step, they guide next step, it’s like workflow setup and followed. Staff: most of them are vary patient and guide properly Insurance: very helpful, needs followup many times else they don’t respond quick.Time: very lengthy process, time consuming, too many stations to visit.

Nanju Peerthi

Very good and very hospital and very good service Mr Dr GK venkatesh

naveen kumar

This is the first time visit to the NN hospital…we came for the cataract surgery, NN staff and insurance people were given a best service and more friendly and helpful. We are very thankful to DR G K Venkatesh Sir and very happy that surgery got successful..

Bharathi vinu

GK venkatash, friendly staff and procees is good , there is no too much waiting time ,surgery was smooth process.


Dr.venkatesh Good Treatment all staffed very good service.Thank you all

Hemanth kumar

Good service and good care from the doctor. Dr. G.K Venkateh

Harsha K.L.

Excellent service and hospitality.Dr. Venkatesh is too good. I definitely prefer others to here.

Nataraj K

GK Venkatesh, The hospitality is very impressive, good service . One of the reliable eye hospital in Bangalore… Again it’s budget friendly, My mom got eye operated and she can felt good with service provided and all the things went as per the schedule… 🙏

Mahesh Basappa

GK Venkatesh is really excellent very skillful and knowledgeable and courteous my hole hearted thanks to all the staff and to Dr Bhujanga shetty for their guidance and cooperation i have recommended your prestigious hospital to my brothers and to my friends i am grateful and thankful to all of you may God bless you in your effort to bring happiness to patients

Kum Kumar

Dr VenkateshGood serves all staff very friendly and very Helpful

Moin Rock

Dr Venkatesh : he is an all-rounder. From performing surgery to handling patients.

Niranjan H

Dr gk venkatesh Treatment is very good Staff response was good Overall very good about hospital and doctor and staff

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