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Shakthi Prasad

The services in Narayana Hospital is so wonderful. Dr venkatesh did the eye surgery so well an his gives superb confidence to patients and we are very pleased to get treated here.. All our questions, doubts are been cleared with patience.. Hospital has systamatic procedure and all the staff took good care of my mother, guided through well.. Overall superb experience and we always recommend Narayana is the best eye hospital. . Thank you so much team.

Mohan Kata

Dr G K Venkatesh Happy with Good service Dr Ramesh venaktesh treatment is also good.

Suma ns

G. K. Vekatesh…. Thank u sir my father got best service and he is very much satisfy…. Aii staff guided us well we got best servive

Vasu Gopal

G K Venkatesh very best Dr my mother filing v good know

sudhakar R

Dr Venkatesh Very good service. Seamless process from initial check up to post surgery. Had a good experience with the entire staff

Nandan B N Nandu

This hospital is very Good, we proud for this NN eye care in our state , in this hospital staffs are caring well and the surgoen Dr. Venkatesh G K excellently surgery i can see nice. thank you

Jayakerthy T N

Dr.v.Venkatesh Excellent Treatment very good surgeon all staffs very excellent service and veer helpful

naveen appu naveen appu

Dr GK venkatesh Service was very good and good ambience well maintained all staffs are help full thanks

madhu kumar

Dr Venkatesh Good treatment and all staff very helpful

Renuka Jaikumar

Dr G k Venkatesh very good service . Surgery was perfect , very kind and polite to patient.

Renuka Jaikumar

Dr G k Venkatesh very good service . Surgery was perfect , very kind and polite to patient.

Lakshman Gowda V

Dr.GK Venkatesh Narayana Netrala is best eye hospital , Dr.GK venkatesh best eye surgeon good staff ,good nurses

Rajshekhar Aloor

Excellent treatment given by Dr Venkatesh G K, he cleared all our doubts and explained very neatly with patience , Dr Venkatesh is very humble, cool and polite and staff also very co operative/supportive.Thanks to Narayan netralaya

Nagesh Gowda

Dr venkatesh very good surgeon can manage critical cases and Dr Priya b v is good doctor

geeta balakrishnan

I had a very good interaction with Dr. Venkatesh who understood my health problems (PD) and helped me overcome my eye problems

Ravikumar Jyothi

Dr venkatesh good service all staff very friendly best eye hospital iln Karnataka

B.A.Neerajaksha –

One of the best hospitals in Bengalur, courteous staffs, treatment was well processed. Thanks to Dr G K Venkatesh for treating Mr Anand with kind attention and care.

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