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Khushboo Sinha

Dr. GK Venkatesh was in-charge of my mother’s cataract operation. Operation was very smooth and no complications were there. Operation done was a fantastic success.Did with the both eyes cataract under doctor GK Venkatesh. It was a great operation and hardly any difficulties. No pain. No trouble to patient. Doctor was very friendly and the whole process was so smooth.

Mukesh Mike

Thanks to Dr venkatesh, facility and supportive stuff were supportive, we had eye cataract operation and it was successful, i would highly recommend this hospital.

Ashish Kumar singh

My grandparents were there for their cataract surgery it has been done successfully by Dr. Venkatesh both are completely satisfies with the service provided

Geetha Cosmic

Dr G K VENKATESH DR was very good and communicated nicely with patient and staff were very friendly and caring

Nagarathna Raju

G. K Venkatesh, thank you for your treatment. We are fully satisfied with the results.

Rangaswamy Ranganath

Dr.G.k Venkatesh sir namma Ammanige left side Kannu enu kanuthiralilla nanu narayana nethralayakke first time Kannu thorisodikke bandhe sir entrance Alli nimma simbbadivarga thorida pritige mathu olagade simbbandi vargakke navu chiraruni sir namma Ammanige operation thumba channagi agidhe avarige Kannu thumba channagi kanuthide.nimage nimma simbbadivarga vargakke danyavadagalu sir

Mamatha MV

Dr.g k venkatesh cataract department it was quite good well treated and friendly treated i am very happy and excellent

Vaidyanathan Chandrasekharan

I would like to extend my heartfelt thank you to Dr GK Venkatesh Sir, Narayana Nethralaya Team, support Doctors and Staffs All were very kind and gave special attention to senior citizen. Excellent treatment. A Big Thank you for the care, dedication. Felt like being at home and the entire process was smooth.

Maliyappagouda Patil

We got cataract surgery done by Dr venkatesh Gk at Narayana Netralaya Experience was great.

Manjunath Puttaraju

Dr. Venkatesh. We are very happy with the services provided by teams starting from supporting services to Doctors team. Hospitality provided by the teams is excellent.Cataract surgery went on very well for my Mother. She is very much comfortable from the day of surgery and her vision has been improved significantly. Thanks a lot to Dr. Venkatesh and to supporting teams for their excellent service extended towards Patients, especially for the patients dependent on wheel chair.All the very best keep going.

With Regards,

Prem Kumar

Dr venkatesh Good treatment all staff very helpful best eye hospital

Rajeev3 Srivastava

I consulted Dr. Venkatesh G. K. (Cataract Department), Narayana Netralaya for my mother’s (Sarojini Srivastava) cataract surgery. Our experience with Dr Venkatesh and his all staff members was excellent. He is very polite and professional Doctor. He explained each and every thing to us in detail. After operation my mother feels very much improvement in vision. We would like to thanks Doctor and NN staff for their support. I must say NN has very systematic procedure at every step.

sujana poojary

Dr. Venkateshwar G K did cataract surgery to my dad, My dad feels very good vision now. Thank you Dr venkatesh

Mahendra Mamtha

Dr. G. K. Venkatesh Excellent job sir We are very thankful for you sir

John Francis

Dr. G K Venkatesh treating very well very confident and felt happy with the service


Dr Venkateshwar.G.K is very professional and he is has done excellent work

Varghese thottungal george

We are so happy with excellent service, Dr. G. K. Venkatesh done excellent surgery for my parents. All staff skill and supportive service,communications are excellent. Our family so happy. Thank you all


Khushboo Sinha

Dr. GK Venkatesh was in-charge of my mother’s cataract operation. Operation was very smooth and no complications were there. Operation done was a fantastic success.

Radhakrishnan Kk

Overall quite good experience.Got treated there for cataract .Dr. Venkatesh G apart from being a reputed surgeon was very kind & has Patience to listen to the patient & provide guidance. Thank you Sir for your help. Hospitality is really good.Appreciate management if they can improve on parking facilities

Ashok j

My father was treated by Dr G K venkatesh sir for cataract surgery. humble n generous. The surgery was successful.The hospital process are too good no bottlenecs. overall nice n safe Safe place to get your eyes issue resolved.

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