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Jyothi Sathish

Dr Aishwarya Excellent treatment by Aishwarya mam thank u for ur service very r happy for ur treatment

shwetha IP

Dr Aishwarya Operated my mother for cataract. She is best trustful n truthful doctor. Thank u mam

Saravana Gowda

Dr.Aishwarya cataract surgeon she handled very neat/Good surgeon

Kumar Gowda

Dr Aishwarya.Treated us very good staffs also responds very well

Anoop s p

Dr Aishwarya was the cataract surgeon who was talking continuously during surgery , may be she should pay more attention to the patients. Hospital services are good. Hospitality is much better. Staffs are helpful. One small suggestion would be interaction with patients during councelling or with doctor needs to be done in their language of preference. sometimes patients won’t always understand english or medical terms. Remaining all services are good

Sangeetha Natraj

Dr. Aishwarya was very good and operated very well . And my mom can see very well now

Rekha Sunagar

Dr Aishwarya.Service is very good and quick. Staff is helpful. Hospital is clean and neat.

Ritesh Kumar

Dr Aiswarya did the cataract surgery, it was superb experience. All done on time with nice care and support.

Chitti Babu

Dr Aishwarya Operation was done very well and we’ll co operative doctor

Abdul Razak

Dr. Aishwarya Overall treatment was good and satisfying.Operation for both the eyes went fine without any issues

ganesh mh

Dr. Aishwarya Rajajinagar, Bangalore
Overall good experience, the treatment was good and very helpful staff. We are fully satisfied with the services rendered to the patient

mahesha mahe

Dr ASWARYA do eye surgery to my mom Hanumakka. I am satisfaction regarding surgery and hospital staff work.

Babu Pappiah

Dr Aishwarya.Excellent hospitality Good attention. Good attention I am fully satisfied the surgery.

Noor Asma

Aishwarya.We had been here for cataract surgery. It went smooth and doctor Aishwarya was very professional and experienced. Thank you for all the assistance.

Kumar Kumar

Dr Aishwarya Operation was done very well and we’ll behaving doctor and we’ll co operative staffs

manjunatha A

Dr Aishwarya operation was done very well was nice experience and it’s best hospital and friendly and she had cared a lot from the starting and thank u mam


Dr. Aishwarya has operated very good and response is good her service is excellent and staff is good..

Laxmi Devi

Aishwarya, is an experienced doctor and is very good with patients, satisfied with my cataract surgery

Ganesh Ym

Dr Aishwarya Operation was done very well and we’ll treatment and we’ll timing good service from narayana nethralaya

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