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Asha Abhinandan

Dr Ravi Krishna , treatment was excellent, very caring and very very patiently answered all our doubts , tnks doctor

Mythri Rajanna

My uncle and aunt got their cataract surgery from Dr Ravi krishna The procedure was made easy-going for us

Rohit Maiti

We consulted Dr. Ravi Krishna for my mother’s cataract surgery. The procedure was successful, and the doctor and staff were very professional and courteous.

Srinivas M

Dr Ravi Krishna Kanaradi – treatment felt seamless well guided procedure. Further proceedings were well explained.

Yatish Nagaraj

Dr Ravi Krishna.Done with the cataract surgery.. he is experienced doctor and we are satisfied

Arun k

Dr Ravi Krishna.Fantastic and very courteous surgeon. Makes patients feel very comfortable during the whole procedure.

Sunder Ganesan

Dr. Ravi krishna is a very efficient surgeon. Excellent and very professional doctor. Took very good care and concern. My surgery went very well. Very rarely we find such doctors! The hospital staffs are excellent too. They took very good care and have been trained well. I got full patient satisfaction. It speaks well of the standard of this hospital. Thanks to Narayana Nethralaya.

Badrinarayanan Rangarajan

I came to Narayana Nethralaya with knowing nothing. But when we met Dr Ravi Krishna, the fear went away and he made us feel at home and the entire journey of cataract surgery went very well. Thanks to the doctor and thanks to the hospital for making this a success.

Swathi Kumr

Dr. Ravi Krishna, eye doctor he is every caring and friendly person. He took every good care for my mother now she can see without any problem.Thank you sir.

yasmin ruma

Dr Ravi Krishna is good, polite , humble. Already done mom’s right eyes cataract surgery. Fully satisfied.Both eyes surgery done.

Archana G

Dr Ravi krishna is an excellent doctor.. my husband got cataract operation..without any pain n the staff at nethralaya was very friendly , cooperative & polite

Sumanth Cheedella

Amazing service & hospitality. My in-laws undergone cataract surgery for both their eyes here. Everything went super smooth – right from initial check-up to comprehensive tests to doctor consultations to surgeries to insurance. They even went ahead & managed their parking facility neatly. The hospital equipped is with enough staff to take care of large pool of patients both at OPD & OP. Our thanks & sincere gratitude to Dr. Ravikrishna Kanaradi (cataract surgeon & specialist). Also, thanks to Dr. Shyalaja for referring us to Dr. Ravikrishna.

Mahesh P

Dr. Ravi Krishna sir consultant is very good his way of treating the patient is excellent gives very good solution over all he is the Best Doctor

Mamatha Gudla

Dr. Ravi Krishna Sir has done the cataract surgery to my mother very well and she is doing good now. Thanks to you and Narayana Nethralaya.I would recommend this doctor for the surgery.

Mohan Madayi

It was excellent and especially Dr Ravi Krishna who was very helpful humanly. I just felt I had few more eyes just to take treatment from him and revisit him. Kudos to him and the entire staff of Narayana Netralaya. I was recently witnessed the Safety fire Drill and admired how much care the hospital is taking about the general public. Keep it up sir and God bless you.

Bharath D babu

I have First time visited here in Narayana Nethralaya Rajajinagar To my Father surgery Good co-operation with staff and Dr. Ravi krishna kanaradi sir made a lens surgery on 12/12/2023 now Far better then older days, Good nice maintenance in the hospital premises I like it Thank you Dr. Ravi Krishna sir and staff

lila nagarkoti


Had my Father’s cataract surgery done at the hospital. Extremely commendable that the processes are very streamlined and staff knowledgeable. Dr. Ravi Krishnan performed the surgery and my father has had an uneventful postoperative experience with no discomfort. The day of surgery was also very very relaxed and turnaround very quick.

Akash Shalgar

Dr.Ravi Krishna is best , my father cataract surgery done by him. We are happy and satisfied.


Last week, my mother underwent cataract surgery, and we are pleased with the hospital’s services. Dr. Ravi Krishna, highly knowledgeable in his field, adeptly explained the eye issues and performed the surgical procedure, addressing last-minute doubts with utmost politeness. The hospital staff, well-qualified and supportive, guided us seamlessly through every step of the procedure.


Consulted Dr.Ravi krishna for cataract surgery for my father and mother…..he is very calm and explanative…………happy with hospital services.

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