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Dr. Ravi Krishna Kanaradi Reviews

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Mamatha Naidu

Dr Ravi Krishna.Well experienced doctor… Friendly in nature explains the issues very well…
I highly recommend him

karma kesang chospel

Doctor Ravi Krishna, wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional care and skill you demonstrated during my maternal grandmother’s recent surgery. Your expertise, compassion, and dedication were truly remarkable and deeply appreciated by our entire family.

Ashok Handadi

Dr Ravi Krishna.He is a soft spoken Doctor and has done excellent Cataract surgery with no complications. His advise is very reassuring and gives me great confidence. The staff in the hospital are very polite and helpful. The tests conducted through various equipment and examination by various eye specialists gave me the comfort of being in safe hands.

rajani kumar

It’s a good experience and service by NN team.Dr. Ravi Krishna was successfully completed my mothers eye cataract surgery.Good supportive & service received by insurance team and councillor.Thanks for NN team.

Dr. S.G. Ganamukhi

Dr Ravi Krishna.Service is very good. Dr.is kind enough to explain everything in detail.

Aman adarsh

Dr Ravi Krishna.Thank you sir for successful cataract operation and ur cordial behaviour
Thanks a lot and God bless you

Manju Ingalaki

Dr Ravi Krishna.He is very friendly and gives more careness on patient. Treatment was successful and we are happy with Hospitality which they take care. Please trust this hospital and doctor too. Thanks.

girish HS

Dr Ravi Krishna patients friendly explains step by step procedure and operates cool… Khudos sir… πŸ™πŸ™

girish HS

Dr Ravi Krishna patients friendly explains step by step procedure and operates cool… Khudos sir… πŸ™πŸ™

Prakash Gowda

Dr Ravi Krishna.Good surgery everything was good doctor did surgery very well and responded very well all staffs had supported very well.

Pavithra H R

Dr. Ravikrishna Got good results for cataract surgery from DR.RAVI sir Thank you

Mohammed Waseem

Dr Ravi Krishna.Very good experience doctors are there and very helpful the surgery is good and vision is clear after the surgery

Srinivas P

Dr. Ravi Krishna Kanaradi successfully performed cataract surgery on my father, and we are pleased with the quality of service.

Dhanalakshmi V

Dr. Ravi Krishnan treated my mom for cataract and the surgery went well. She was ensured that she is feeling comfortable during the procedure. The surgery went well and she is feeling better now.

Darshan S

Dr Ravi Krishna, surgery went well without any issue, professionally handled by doctor and team. Thank you.

rahul gupta

Dr Ravi Krishna.It was nice experience and all the staff were supportive. The process is stream line and it does not take much time to complete.

Dr Ravi kirshna made patient very comfortable during surgery.

Nandini Harish

Thanks to Dr. Ravi Krishna Kanaradi and team & Narayana Nethralaya for the service they have provided at the time of my mom’s eye surgery….. Both eyes surgery is successful

Kempe Gowda

Dr Ravi Krishna Treated to my mother
Treatment is very good
Friendly nature
Overall good

Vivek Sagar V

My experience at Narayana Nethralaya Hospital was truly exceptional. The staff exhibited exceptional cooperation, guiding me through every step with unwavering support. The support provided by the staff concerning both pre and post-surgery procedures was articulate and comprehensive.

Under the skilled hands of Dr. RAVI KRISHNA KANARADI, my mother underwent successful cataract surgery for both eyes. The outcome was remarkable, with a significant improvement in her vision. I extend my sincere gratitude to the entire Narayana Nethralaya team, and particularly to Dr. Ravi Krishna Kanaradi, for their expertise and dedication

basavaiah vijaya kumar

Dr Ravi Krishna Excellent service thank you so much doctor… I am happy with the service

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