Dr. G. K. Venkatesh

Dr. G. K. Venkatesh Reviews

Total Reviews – 1297

Sukumar Aruru

Good, satisfactory. Doctor Mr G K Venkstesh was informed post surgery checkup everything was good

anjali shashi

Dr venkatesh g k We are satisfied with treatment. Dr.s communication with patient are v.good we are really satisfied . Thank you

mahica esha

Gk Venkatesh. Doctor is very professional but makes us wait for 2 hrs for the consultation. Great work


Dr venkatesh We’re gentle handle thanks onces again for whole team NN-1

Ananth MK

My mother Girija Kota was having a complicated case of cataract, Dr Venkatesh GK and his staff did a brilliant surgery and she recovering with no issues at all. Narayana Nethralaya eye hospital has world class facilities and are people centric. Thank you.

Rajeeva Lochana

Dr.Venkatesh, nursing team and entire hospital staff hospitality, caring and addressing the patient is exemplary. I strongly recommend Narayana Nethralaya for vision related consultation and procedures.

Thoufiq Ahamed

DR. Gk VENKATESH BEST EYE CARE HOSPITAL IN BANGLORE I am delighted to have an opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to Dr. GK Venkatesh and his staff for diligently caring for my eye problems. They are not only most professional but always attentive to my needs and concerns. Dr. Gk Venkatesh and his staff are eager to care for me as a hive of “busy bees

Himanshu Kumar

We are very happy to say that Dr. GK Venkatesh has done both eye cataract surgery, it’s super successful.Thanks to Dr. GL Venkatesh

Sunitha Pathange

Dr G K Venkatesh… very good doctor who treats the patients with utmost care and motivates the patience to see colors in life once again. Thank you

pavankumar m

Dr. G. K Venkatesh well treat for Cataract operation and also well take care n by hospital staff. Thank you so much..

Anagha Govekar

Dr G K Venkatesh was helpful and did surgery well. Eye Surgery was smooth and I am fully satisfied by the services and staff.Much appreciated.

vinod bhatia

Dr G K Venkatesh best doctor and best surgeon for cataract I will recommend to everyone very friendly doctor

Srinivas DTS

Very good multi speciality eye hospital in Banglore Dr Venkatesh GK sir and your hospital staffs are well treated in my mother


Left eye cataract of my father operated by Dr. GK Venkatesh, and my father felt excellent throughout the testing and operation process…

Guna Sundari

Dr Venkatesh Excellent surgeon all staff very fredly very helpful to Dr venkatesh

vijay kumar


Dr. venkatesh: We’re gentle handle thanks onces again for whole team NN-1

shashekala ms

Dr Venkatesh Nice treatment we are satisfied ☺️ your work is very good all staff thank you very much narayana nethralaya


Dr G K Venkatesh He is very good doctor with caring and good skills.It’s very good to see dr and we prefer this to our friends and our family

Pramod Gowda

Had a great experience and the staff is too good to make the process go smooth. Dr Venkatesh is good at operating. I done it for my father

Tejakumar S

Dr Venkatesh treated nicely and good bonding with patient and reception staff also treated well

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