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Vishwa Nath

Dr.GK Venkatesh has done a good Job. Very much happy about the service Both Eyes surgery is done . Thank you 🙏

Shyamlendu Bandyopadhyay

Dr. Venkatesh GK is great guy and well professional, he did my father’s cataract surgery and it was successful even though other hospitals says his cataract condition is critical and they need VR back up. Also other staffs a really helpful they are really well professional. We are really happy with there service and it was a good decision to choose Narayana.

suganya sugu

Dr. Venkatesh GK is well experienced cataract consultant and surgeon. He operated my mother and her recovery is fast. Thank you Narayana Netralaya . Excellent management

Harshitha Rangaiah

Dr D K venkatesh is very friendly and we r happy with the surgery.thanku for all the staffs and doctors

manu prince

Dr. G K Venkatesh Very polite and humble, my mother got operated for cataract which was very critical in her case, but Dr. Venkatesh successfully operated. Thank you Shilpa- care taker She took a very good care of my mother as well as us. Thank you

Suresh Kitty

Dr. G. K. Venkatesh One of the best surgeons for Cataract. Very polite and takes care of the patient so well. My mom had cataract on both the eyes. Initially on 07-July-2023 we planned for only the right eye and she underwent Cataract Surgery. We were very much concerned about the outcome. But surprised by the results within 1 day post surgery. My mom was able to see clearly and she was very happy and immediately after 15 days we planned for another surgery for the left eye.
On 11-Aug-2023 left eye was operated and now she is able to see things clearly and I thank Dr. G.K. Venkatesh for this.I must also thank Physician Dr. Keerty Shetty for his continuous support. He makes sure that the patient is healthy before approving the surgery date.Finally I thank the nursing and support staffs, they handle 1000s of patients with at most care. Very helpful and polite behaviour.I wish the hospital management to continue the same quality of service for many more years.Lens details: Supra Phob (Indian Made) cheapest and best.
Recommended for 60+years. But please do proper research before deciding the lens.

Shiva Prasad

It’s a very good hospital for eye surgery and other related treatments. My father (61 years) underwent cataract surgery for both of his eyes, and from the next day onwards, he was able to see objects clearly. We are immensely grateful to Dr. G K Venkatesh for performing both surgeries smoothly and successfully. Thank you so much, Doctor. And also the staffs are very friendly and helpful and guide you with step by step process. Highly recommend this hospital and especially Dr. G K Venkatesh for cataract surgery.

Hareesh Kulkarni

I have got my dad treated here for Glaucoma under Dr Ramgopal and it’s been a wonderful experience. Also got a cataract surgery done for my dad by Dr Venkatesh and the surgery experience was good almost painless.

sujatha setty

Sister’s cataract operation was successfully done by Dr.G K Venkatesh. Very happy with the cooperation and support given by the Doctor n his team

Hemanth Kumar

Venkatesh G. k. and staff where really best in providing the help and service. I would recommend our relatives and colleagues to get check up here.

Vishwajit Singh

Dr GK VENKATESH is very knowledgeable and friendly to the patients. I will always recommend him for my near and dear one…

swamy g.l.n swamy g.l.n

We visited Narayana nethralaya for cataract treatment for my mother.She had cataract and some issues with nerve, Doctor’s checked everything thoroughly before operating, didn’t hurry in anything.Dr. Venkatesh GK who checked and operated the eyes gave clear information about the process before and post operation.Insurance team helped in short notice, previous day we provided details and they processed in cashless treatment.Post operation results were good. Crowd is more but still managed well, staff is very helpful will come to patients or attendees and explain the next steps.

dinesh nath tripathi

Dr GK venkatesh is better experience with patients,I am proud of Dr venkatesh is proudly discussion and doing well everything.

Jeevan R Gowda

Very good experience,their consultation was acceptable ,All over very nice ,our surgeon was Dr.venkatesh

venkatesh Ganakallu Narasimhaiah

Dr GK Venkatesh treated Cataract well to our father and had good improvement on the left eye. Applause to Hospital staff on their process, interaction and taking care of patients. Thank you Narayana Nethralaya.😍

Ola tabrez Ola tabrez

Dr gk venkatesh sir provided excellent service and solved our problem so thanks to narayana nethralaya

manju ramani

Dr. Venkatesh He is too good for cataract surgery. He has done the surgery very well and his talks are very soothing.

Ravindra Nath

Dr. GK . Venkatesh I am very much impressed by Narayana nethralaya Mr Dr G.K. venkatesh has done cataract operation to my wife excellently and he has spoken nicely and treated us with good hospitality. All staff are so polite and guided well

Priyanka T Petkar

The cataract surgery carried out by Dr G K Venkatesh was very smooth and painless.The staff is very co-operative and supportive.

Shree Hubli

I was recently consulted to Narayana Nethralaya Eye Hospital for a cataract surgery for mom. The staff at the hospital was so kind and supportive. They answered all of our questions and made my mom feel very comfortable. Both eye surgery went well. The staff is excellent, the facilities are top-notch, and the care is second to none.Dr. G.K Venkatesh is an excellent doctor. He is very knowledgeable and experienced, and he took the time to explain everything to my mom in detail. My mom felt very comfortable for the treatment, and I knew that I was in good hands. my mom now able to see clearly again. I highly recommend Dr. G.K Venkatesh.

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