Dr. Anjali Kiran

Dr. Anjali Kiran Reviews

Total Reviews – 500

Akshatha Hemanth

Dr.Anjali Kiran Very good Doctor.. Good Treatment.. Nice talking with patients

Satish Shetty

Dr.Anjali Kiran,
She is most experienced,explained very good and treated very well.

Arun Kumar K S

Dr Anjali Kiran, very nice Doctor, she explained nicely, I like her hospital it.

Sanju Gowda

Dr Anjali Kiran first consultation was good she explain very good

Vinayak Hungund

Dr Anjali Kiran – Excellent explanation of the problem and treatment – very professional and polite as well.


Dr.Anjali Kiran,The doctor behavior is too good. She listens to all the issues concerns very patiently. She explains with all good example.Very satisfied doctor

venkat narayana

Got dcr surgery both the eyes for my father ,thanks to doctor Anjalj Mam. Operations are successful and doctor is professional. Spent time with the patients.


Dr.Bhanumathi and Dr.Anjali Kiran was good explain was excellent

Lingaraju. P Lingaraju. P

Dr.Anjali kiran She treated friendly and good consultation explained very well about my eye condition… staffs also good co-ordination..

Sadashiva Nidagundi

Dr.Anjali Kiran’sTreatment is very good and staffs are very cooperative

Venkatesh Babu

Dr.Anjali kiran Good consultation and friendly treated.

arun kumar Ak

I have losed my one eye since my childhood now they put prosthetic eye i am very happy now i would like to tell thanks Dr. Anjali kiranand staffs who are all supported me.

abhishek abhi

Dr anjli Kiran first consultation was good she is explain very clearly tq occuloplasty department

Rakesh Januparthu

Dr.Anjali kiran Good treatment and very patiently she will give treatment

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