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Total Reviews – 2026

Venkatesh Venki

Dr anusha kl She is very good doctor and very kind Very friendly she is very polite and explain clearly Staff people are very friendly Pediatric department is the best

Shashi kala K.M

Dr Anusha Kl . Very well Service by all the staffs and Doctor. Thanks for they well and good Support

Kamal Kudagi

1st Point is Dr. Anand Vinekar is one of best doctor for premature kids dept is very rare person in india my baby born less then 2kg 28 weeks born amd had health issues and eye problems when an had very good improvements my baby eye vision everything doctor anand vinekar giving importance of the each minutes explanantion was superb as we are happy for whole procedure and treatment and KISROP team under narayana Nethralaya Caring every one babies is great work all

Shashikumar Shashi

We are blessed with good doctor Anand vinekar we got best eye Care pediatric retina specialist Good counselling

Thippe Thippeswamy

My journey of narayana nethralaya hospital Wonderful experience with Dr Anand vinekar Less than 2kg Both baby went laser treatment Very good improvement both babies eyes Completely normal now Doctor team is working wonderful
Thanks to doctor heavy experience
Good team work

Khateeja Bee Amreen

Dr Anand vinekar Good feedback Good working team Hospital facility are good

manjunath 832

Good experience with good staff Dr Anand vinekar professional and his communication is very clear concern and effective he is just class doctor Professional extremely composed discipline good

Adesh Hadimani Adesh

One of the best care premature babies hospital They take care of everything Provide good facilities Dr Anand vinekar best doctor

Channabasayyaswami Hiremat

Good Anand vinekar He is the best premature babies specialist He is the one take care of my both twins eye’s

Shweta Arabbi

From Bagalkote we are coming to NN to show Dr Anand Vinekar, but our baby born premature, our baby had Rop screening done in Bagalkote by Kidrop team ,Thanks to KIDROp team and Dr Anand Vinekar sir ND NN Dr K Bhujang shetty for the wonderful service for the society

Arabbie E

Doctor Anand vinekar Is a very good doctor Giving good patients review Very sharp he doesn’t recommend Unnecessary treatment he a very supportive

Beeresh Beeresh

Good ಎಕ್ಸ್ಪೀರಿಯೆನ್ಸ್ in ಹಾಸ್ಪಿಟಲ್ Dr Anand vinekar ವಿಲ್ be personally caring and helping in ಅವರ್ routine

sukesh suki

Dr Anand vinekar Am very happy with way of approaching to treat here..All are staff caring good Doctor sir is very kind and caring Thank you so much sir….Very softly explained things…

Pavani Ks

I want to express my gratitude all working team is good Doctor Anand vinekar best advice and caring

Faiz King

It’s been a wonderful experience for my baby eye check up Each and everyone staff KIDROP karnataka team Narayana Nethralaya Best service have been excellent Dr Anand vinekar has always given wonderful advice my baby eye laser treatment during before and after treatment even if there were any ups and downs are handled were gentle


Good Best treatment for my baby Dr Anand vinekar Thumba Chennaagi nodiddare Very helpful hospital

purnima patil

Dr Anand vinekar facilities are good,All are loveble person…

Avinash Avi

It’s been wonderful doctor Anand vinekar Very good caring my baby eye

Prasanna SR

Dr Anand vinekar excellent caring and very friendly extremely very good nature talking way….

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