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Total Reviews – 2026

Bestha Yerriswamy

Very sincere doctor Anand vinekar,Works tirelessly for well being hospital narayana nethralaya,Very good smile like caring doctor Anand.

Naveen Yadav

Dr Anand vinekar…Very good. Very good treatment…

Nikhitha Gs

Its very carefully take care of baby and nicely guide the problem of baby and implement dr anand

Priya Priya

Dr. Anand Vinekar .. Best and most patiencebale doctor with smiley face.I strongly recommend Anand doctor.Really happy the way doctor speak to the patient and it’s easy to understand and follow the suggestions provided by him.You are there to help and serve many patients… Thank you doctor


Dr Anand vineker treated us very well thanks to Narayana nethralaya.

Adriabhi Dalapati

Dr Anand vinekar Thank you Dr Anand vinekar sir for the good service and explains in understandable way. Over all staff good service Thanks to KIDROP and narayana nethralaya

Vijayakumar M

Dr Anand vinayak good explain about my baby condition.good hospital for babys eye check up.

Shoba Sk

Dr Anand vinekar Coming from bijapurTo consult Dr Anand vinekar,he explained very well understandable Thank you Dr Anand vinekar and his kidrop team

Katama Rayudu

Came from indiranagar for my kid check up with Dr Anand vinekar for my baby premature born before 9 months less then 2kg Adviced Rop all was normal now’vision also good Said Dr Anand vinekar sir Thank you Dr Anand vinekar Please show if you have premature born baby to rop Dr Anand vinekar sir sir for good service


We are from Chikkaballapur My baby is premature born Showd to Dr Anand vinekar for Rop check, screening done in NICU by KIDROP team Nn, all are normal Now the vision also good All was done free of cost bcz baby born in government hospitals Thanks to Narayana nrthralaya and Dr Anand vinekar for the social service

Brunda DS Bindhu

They are very excellent treated my baby…My baby born preamature had eye problem My own experience has been with Doctor Anand vinekar he is humane,Utterly honestly and knowledge if fully committed serving for baby’s doctor operated my baby eye really well Now my baby eye is completely vision wise good Honestly I’m very happy for whole service and doctor treated free of cost treatment..

Mariswamy Ks

Doctor Anand vinekar very well experienced. Understands the actual illness and treats proper medication for preamture babies,

Girija Hugar

6 year is the best ever doctor Anand vinekar, who would care of every patient personally, he will make you most comfortable and ever Sacre you

palani vikram653

We are having 5 yrs experience here,With good co odination Anand vinekar is very good caring explained is super.Thank you with beautiful journey here…

Narayana Narayana

The doctor Anand vinekar and staff are very friendly and make you most comfortable, and the doctor highly experienced and most genuine i should say it stands out of mostly ‘profitable and commercial ‘ hospital for premature baby’s, their strong ethics and actual noble professional are highly evident Doctor Anand

Shekhar Naik

I would rate like this hospital and best hospital Always very comfortable getting eye consultation with ಡಾಕ್ಟರ್ Anand vinekar peditraic retina surgeon

Prithvi Agasar

My journey was Narayana nethralaya with doctor Anand vinekar. The facilities are very good .the doctor is also good .

Radha Kiran

I had taken my baby here for eye test premature born…Doctor Anand vinekar cmis care of my baby they treat very well They serve very good


Anand vinekar We really thank the doctors very nice doctor and staff

Akash Nikkam

The best hospital in the city, the doctor Anand vinekar are efficient and caring, highly recommend for best pediatric retina specialist

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