Most people go to a doctor only when they experience some kind of problems or difficulties with concerned organs or general health. It’s better to take proactive steps in eye care to have prolonged good vision and better eye health rather than waiting for some symptoms to come up which may even aggravate the situation.

Eye examinations and tests aren’t only for people with poor vision. They’re an important way of detecting eye problems before you have symptoms. Eye specialists and doctors can also detect other health problems like diabetes, blood pressure etc at an early stage. Choose experienced and expert eye care professionals who can help you in a better manner.

Warning Signals to visit your eye doctor

  • Red eye: Redness in the eye is one of the first symptoms of infection, allergy, inflammation or other serious eye conditions. It must never be ignored. It can often present with pain.
  • Irritations and Allergies: Sometimes, dust and environmental pollutants may cause frequent allergies and irritations leading to itchy and teary eyes. It is better to consult your doctor who can prescribe medications to relieve you of such problems.
  • Blurring of Vision: Blurred vision can be due to longsightedness, shortsightedness, cataract, retinal diseases, glaucoma where detection in the initial stages can easily restore your vision.
  • Diabetes: High blood sugar levels cause changes in the retina , termed as diabetic retinopathy and if undetected or untreated can affect the vision . So it is very necessary for a diabetic patient to have a regular eye check up.
  • High Blood Pressure: In Hypertension the retinal blood vessels may get hardened and calcific which may lead to leakage of blood in the retina and gradually lead to loss of vision.

It is better to have regular yearly visits to your eye care specialist rather than wait for the warning signals to appear!

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