Treatment of Keratoconus using INTACS

Narayana Nethralaya was the first hospital to introduce INTACS in India in 2005.

We have also designed and published a Nomogram for the use of INTACS in Keratoconus which is followed worldwide. It is a FDA approved treatment of Keratoconus and the goal of Intacs is to redefine the shape of the cornea in Keratoconus to make it more regular and, optically, smoother. INTACS is the trademark name for Intra-corneal ring segments (ICRS)which are implants that are placed in the cornea and come in the form of thin medical  plastic,semi-circular rings surgically inserted into the substance which is the mid layer of the cornea. 


intacs procedure

In Keratoconus, the weakened cornea looses its natural shape due to this, the light rays entering the eye are not focused properly, impairing the image clarity . The unique patented design, helps to remodel the architecture of the cornea, re-establishing a more natural dome-like shape and improves one’s vision. Intacs implants work on the cornea by reducing the arc length. This reduction in the arc length flattens the central cornea and hence causes improvement in the curvature and visual acuity. On insertion into the keratoconic cornea they flatten the cornea, changing the shape and location of the cone.The placement of INTACS remodels and reinforces the cornea, making the corneal surface more regular in  keratoconus to provide improved vision. However, based on the severity of the keratoconus , refractive correction using glasses or contact lenses might still be needed for optimal visual outcomes. The recovery period after INTACS is typically short as compared to a corneal Transplant. As with any procedure, some risks might be present which include patients experiencing visual symptoms like blurring of visio , glare, problems with night vision, haloes and infection.

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