Humorous Testimonial from a Narayana Nethralaya Cataract Patient.
An Obituary for Two Cats – Mr G B Talgery
They entered my life surreptitiously, like cats always do. And slowly started making a nuisance of themselves, like cats always do. They were recently laid to rest with appropriate honours. A bit of the background.
I had perfect 6/6 vision from childhood and my passion was aeroplanes. I used to spend all my pocket money on dog-eared aviation magazines from a Raddiwala’s shop on 8th cross. I was 12 when I flew for the first time (an achievement, 65 years back), as I sneaked into a group which was being taken for a 30 minute joy flight in a Dakota, piloted by the legendary Suranjan Das, who was Wing Commander and Chief Test Pilot of HAL at that time. I wanted to become a pilot. But something was lacking – probably a strong determination – and I remained firmly grounded.
After I started wearing glasses in my late 40s, I used to have a periodic check up to see if any change was required. I was cautioned about early signs of a cataract, about 4 years back (2010) with the assurance that there was no need for any urgent or immediate remedy. Jyoti had Cataract surgery for both her eyes before our trip to Sweden in June 2013, and we decided to have mine after we returned.
After many postponements, we ushered the New Year 2015 with my getting something close to a new pair of eyes. On the D day, Jan 21st, I was prepared like a Hokkal (bride). All my jewellery and embellishments like hearing aid, glasses, gold chain with a Rudraksh, ring, cell phone and wrist watch were removed. Looking pretty stupid in a gown and headgear, I was ceremoniously led by the elbow, to the OT by an orderly. The procedure itself is short and painless. We said Sayonara to my two cataracts over the next couple of weeks, one at a time.
Now I am able to see rich colours on the TV like never before, read the cricket score without moving from my seat and see razor sharp images of Arnub Goswamy shaking a bunch of papers, intimidating, brow-beating and tormenting everyone and admire Karan Thapar’s exquisitely tailored suits, perfectly knotted tie, silver mane and dignified demeanour.
I owe the success of this surgery to Jyoti’s persistence, devoted and disciplined administration of a hazaar eye drops everyday from day one, the professional competence of Dr Mathew Kurian and his fine team and the friendly, courteous treatment we received at the Narayana Nethralaya.
The other day, I sauntered into the Nightingales elders centre sporting the protective, wrap -around glasses provided by Nethralaya. Swati noticed it and asked me and I told her about the surgery. “How do you feel now?” she wanted to know.
“How do I feel?. Well, earlier, even after straining my eyes, I used to bump into old guys. Now I can spot a pretty lady a mile away”, I said.
“I had better warn the Wednesday ladies group” said Swati, while her colleagues nodded……..

Dear Gp Capt Mittal,

I was very pleasantly surprised when U sought me out in NN waiting Hall on 030914. After my retirement, I have CN a complete degradation of such niceties in our society. So Ur approach was a perfumed wind in an otherwise morose present day outlook. I thank U 4 UR show of concern in my operations in NN.

That NN is highly acclaimed in the concerned circles is well known. I had 2 personally C & Xperience the ambience in NN 2 appreciate it. Let me say that the experience has left me humbled at what NN is doing 2 ameliorate the acute suffering of mankind. I compliment the movers of NN on their tremendous zeal 2 C that top class facilities R provided 2 1 & all.

My cataract operations were conducted very ably by Dr Mathew Kurian on 2807 & 030914 4 the right & left eye resp without a blemish. By the time I realized, he had completed the procedures. My visit the following days were also equally efficiently handled by he & his quiet staff – much 2 my satisfaction. I am completely satisfied with the work of NN. It is difficult 2 single out any 1 in particular, 4 there R many who need 2 B complimented. Suffice it 2 aver that the end result is exceptionally satisfying.

I would like 2 place on record my sincere happiness @ what NN is doing. I wish NN & its management all the best in their endeavours & God Speed.
Do please convey my personal compliments 2 Dr Mathew Kurian & Dr Bhujanga Shetty. I am sure NN will C better days ahead.
My Regards,
Gp Capt P U Bhat

I am extremely satisfied with the way I was attended to my eye problem. I thank all the doctors concerned and the rest of the staff for all the courtisies and professional approach.


Priyanka, Mary & team, Great job done. Keep it up.

I gather that the patient’s attendant complained of giddiness, and the team immediately responded and Dr Keerthy Shetty came, saw him on the OT floor, and as he suspected a mild stroke, the patient was rushed to his neurologist at Vikram Hospital.

I recently had a cataract operation at your facility in Rajajinagar (Bangalore) and wanted to place on record my deep appreciation for the professionalism and care. You have a world class facility and a wonderful team – doctors, nurses and support staff.

I also wanted to mention that my husband had a medical situation just as I came back from the operation theatre and your team responded rapidly and with great care in a situation which was beyond the call of duty.

Thank you very much for all that you do.

Phyllis Farias

It was a great pleasure visiting your hospital.I particularly appreciate the trained personal who were very helpful and the interdepartmental visit was smooth. My personal thanks and congratulations to Dr,Bhujang Shetty for a heading a great institution..

Dr. S.B.Belani

I am writing this letter in appreciation and full satisfaction of the services and medical expertise rendered at Narayana Nethralaya, Rajajinagar, Bangalore. During the past three years, I had availed the expertise of Narayana Nethralaya on several occasions. During March – May 2011, I had undergone successful cataract surgeries on both my eyes, ably performed by Dr. Sudeep Das. I am very happy after the cataract surgery. I felt very comfortable and reassured by the expert medical treatment rendered by Dr. Sudeep Das who was ever willing to explain all the technicalities and modern advancements in cataract surgery. The services of all supporting staff and health personnel were excellent. On subsequent visits, I could obtain and in fact enjoy similar warm hospitality and timely help. All needs were promptly looked after and the patient is helped with various test formalities.
I am impressed and extremely happy with the services rendered by Narayana Nethralaya to one and all in a spirit of service, dedication and affordability.

Prof. K. A. Natarajan
594, 10th cross, III Block

I must congratulate the Doctors and the Staff at Narayana Nethralaya-1 for their competence and efficency in patient handling. I appreciate their sense of involvement and their effort to make the patient very comfortable.

Even though the work load is heavy, all patients are attended to individually. My special thanks to Ms. Reshma and Ms. Meenakshi Ravi for taking good care of me. I will strongly recommend NN to any of my patients seeking Eye care.

My best wishes to Dr. Bhujang Shetty and his team for providing quality Eye care to society.

Dr. H. Satishchandra

Dear Dr. Shetty,
My name is Mr Lamhaouchi. I was one of your patients last month for a cataract and right eye control.
You performed a laser surgery on my left eye to clear it from a cataract and after a deep examination; you informed me and confirmed my suspicion relating to the use of my right eye.

This is just to let you know that I am back home (to Morocco) and I carry out my business activities as I did before.
My e-mail is just to let you know, that during my stay in Bangalore and particularly in your clinic, how much I was impressed by your, (and your colleagues as well) kindness and professionalism. I appreciate very much the time and the patience you dedicated to me at a particular moment where every confidence vanished from my mine. You managed to re-establish it and I was very grateful. Your attitude gave me so much confidence that, as you may have noticed, I didn’t hesitate a second to let you work on my left eye knowing perfectly that this trust would never have been given to any other doctor.

Dr Shetty, please accept my warm thanks for all you have done to make my, and my family stay in Bangalore as comfortable and trustworthy as possible.

Once again, many thanks for re-establishing my sight and I now carry on my everyday activity in full confidence in me.

Please pass on my best regards to all your colleagues and I hope to see you when back for a control.


Date: 25/12/2011
Mrs H D Dinanayaka
697, Kotte Road,
Ethulkolle, Sri Lanka
T.P No:0094718152050

Mr. Chairman
Narayana Nethralaya

A token of Appreciation and Gratitude

We are Sri Lankans, my sister Kanthi Lalitha (Patient I D No.******) lost both her eye sight after a heart surgery in Sri Lanka. She is only 72 years old and we were very helpless. We prayed for Sai Baba and through the internet we were able to contact Cynthia Roy (International Patient Coordinator at Narayana Nethralaya ) she was so efficient that she took immediate steps to lead us in the correct path. At the entrance we were met by the Manager Public Relation Mr. B.P.C Kusha who always bears a smiling face to help everyone who comes to Narayana Nethralaya. People like Mr. B.P.C Kusha is a good example for every country. We feel that he is more than a Manager Public Relation as he is a person who could speak to the heart of every human being who comes to this heavenly place Narayana Nethralaya. The manner he speaks makes us forget that we are aliens and the sayings on your walls “I Am Everywhere”, “ I am out there” “I am in here” is very true and correct.

At the Retina Section Dr. Shreya Shetty the manager, Kshama Shetty counselor and Secretary of Dr. Naresh took the necessary steps to make us meet Dr. Naresh Kumar Yadav, the Chief Consultant in the Retina Section. I have no words to describe his impressive personality, efficiency, remarkable knowledge, medical advise and his prompt and accurate services made us have faith and belief at Narayana Nethralaya. I can say he is the best Retina Doctor in the whole world. Now my sister is recovering very fast. How happy we are we can call Dr. Naresh a (Living God) may he live a long and healthy life. We were able to contact him at anytime within the 24 hours of the day. This brought us great relief. Whenever we go for medical tests to the Retina Section Girish (Dr. Naresh’s) Assistant was there with a smiling face to put the necessary eye drops and carry the files up and down non-stop. We could watch him doing his duties very efficiently. We can never forget Harsha Dr Naresh’s Assistant, Anuradha and Shakthivelu the pressure checker doing their duties to ones own abilities.

Credit should go to the Glaucoma Department to Mr. Girish Kamath, Manager of Glaucoma Dept. was prompt and accurate in his duties. He treats foreigners and locals alike. Dr. Sathi Devi, Consultant Glaucoma Department was really remarkable.

I thank you Mr. Chairman and your Deputy Chairman for being so kind and helpful that made us gain confidence and feel at home in your presence. We hope and pray that you will be able to open up a Narayana Nethralaya in Sri Lanka in the near future. I wish you Mr. Chairman your staff and your team of doctors “A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS 2012”.

We will carry your Honorable Services you have rendered to us when we go back to our country Sri Lanka.

Long Live Narayana Nethralaya (A Place of Healing)

Mrs. Dinanayaka.

My mother aged 78 years was taken to Narayana Nethralaya for a cataract surgery for one of her eyes. She had already lost sight of the left eye due to some complications couple of year’s ago. She was very apprehensive of losing the sight of other eye also and was preying to her Lord Sai Baba to take care of her eyesight so that she would lead a normal life and be self-dependent for her day-to-day activities.

On the first visit to Narayana Nethralaya We observed the atmosphere to be permeated with fervor and Fragrance of Sprituality.The ambience filled with spiritual radiant energy reassured the patient that she was in the midst of right people. From the day one, we observed that the Doctors and the support staff were very compassionate in their approach to the needy patient and demonstrated selfless service. Every interaction with the doctor and the staff reassured the patient that there should be no worry with regard to the forthcoming Surgery and every thing would end in a pleasant and expected note. This only made the patient enter the Operation room with least anxiety and doubt.
The cataract surgery went off so quickly and smoothly that we did not realize that such an important event had taken place in an uneventful manner. The vision was restored to original level that we were all delighted at the pleasant outcome. Infact my mother felt that she had got another life at this age of 78 years and was all in praise for the dedicated Doctors who were full of Humility and expressed their respect to the elderly patient and sought her blessings for their dedicated service to reach many more needy patient.

In the midst of highly commercialized and materialistic medical service which we notice, it is heartening to note that there are few institutions that are still focused on the human values and demonstrate Compassionate Loving Care and self service and Narayana Netralalaya at Bangalore is a testimony to this.

Sharat Chandra
Advinus Therapeutics, (A TATA Enterprise)

Dear Dr. Bhujang Shetty,
At the outset, we wish to place on record our sincere gratitude to you and your team of doctors, and other paramedical staff for having provided commendable service at short notice to our employees’ parents on 14th August, 18th August, and 22nd August 2007.
Further we would like to specially acknowledge the efforts of the following members:
Mr. Ravi – Manager
Mr. Kusha – Manager – Public Relations
Mrs Uma – Front Office Staff

We are extremely happy with the service provided by your hospital and lookforward to having a long term fruitful association with you.

Best Regards,
S.V. Manjunath
General Manager – HR
Himatsingka Seide Limited

I am a 37 year old male now thankfully in good health with excellent vision. About five months back, on a rainy evening, while I was driving my car as usual on the Bangalore-Hosur highway, hit against a suddenly crossing tipper lorry. The front glass of my car broke into tiny pieces, few of them poke into my eyes and my eyes were bleeding. The moment this happened, I had closed my eyes as I lost all of the vision and was beyond hopeless. I was immediately admitted to Narayana Nethralaya, which I feel now, is a heavenly deed.It was the place where I met Dr. Himanshu P Matalia, and witnessed his warm, caring, nurturing, protective and loving nature in addition to his curative genius. He had performed surgeries on my both damaged eyes with his team of technically and administratively sound colleagues. The glass pieces were removed from the eyes, the wounds in the eyes and lids sutured and a well planned and scheduled treatment given after astute diagnosis. As a result, now I have revived of my complete vision, almost as normal as ever before. There are doubtless a number of technical improvements having to do with eye related problems about which I can’t speak about with any intelligence, but without the efforts of this team, I believe, this miracle wouldn’t haveoccurred! Dr. Himanshu, thank you from the bottom of heart for making it possible for me to regain my complete vision, and hence, my life! By now I trust, anyone would realize how blessed I feel I have been by the healing ministrations of this good doctor and his team.

K. Arunagiri,
Patient ID : 601025

Dear Dr. Shetty,
Congaradulations & Thanks,

I offer my heart-felt congratulations to you, and special thanks for the wonderful experiences I had while a recent patient at your hospital. (Cataract surgery 23 April). As you well know, I met a number of your medical associates and paramedics. Without exception, I felt these people were highly skilled, not only in the duties they performed, but in the manner of their performance. This was so very refreshing to see, and to feel. Though extremely difficult to isolate members of your staff from within these wonderful people, I would like to name two. These are my surgeon, Dr Mathew. I was amazed how his manner, and presence, while I was on the operating table, brought about a calmness that I find difficult to describe. Dr Mathew’s surgical skills are reflected in the enormous improvement he has made possible in my right eye, within only days of surgery. The second person is Mr Kusha . He watched over me like a guardian angel. His efficiency, combined with his gracious and sincere manner assisted in creating for me as a patient, a feeling of gratitude and pleasure, rather than fear and isolation.

Thank you so much.
Kind regards,
Bruce mcDougall
PS The dozen copies of “The Power of Love” I bought will be gifted to friends
in Australia with great pride.

Hi Fatimeh,
At the outset i would like to thank you for the kind support and the co-operation provided to my son for the Visual Rehabilitation Program for the past 2 months. My son has been diagnosed with ROP in both the eyes and operated upon for the correction of the vision. With the help of this program the progress has been good and we have been carrying out the various activities as suggested by you. One suggestion would be with regard to the purchase of Toys or other things which needs to be used for the rehabilitation program. We find it very difficult to source these items as these made to custom order and not available in the market except for few things. My recommendation for overcoming this would be to start selling those items in the hospital campus so that it would be easy for us to get the necessary items.

Thanks and Regards,