Painful bump on/under your eyelids could be a Stye

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That painful bump on/under your eyelids could be a Stye

A stye is acommon eyelid infection that can affect people of all agesat least once or twice during their lifetime. Itis an abscess or boil that develops when an oil gland or hair follicle on or inside the eyelid becomes clogged from excess oil, debris, or bacteria.About 95% of styes are usually caused by staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Though a stye is a minor annoyance, it can be very painful and uncomfortable.

Styes can occur on the outside of the upper or lower eyelid (external stye), as well as the inside of the upper or lower eyelid (internal stye), near the edge of the eyelid where the eyelashes grow.External styes are more common, superficial, and tend to heal quickly while internal styes are not so common and tend to be more severe.

Though they develop very quickly, styesare usually harmless and do not cause any vision complications. Most styes will heal within 5-6 dayswith simple home treatment such as warm compresses with a soft, clean cloth that needs to be applied for 5 to 10 minutes on the stye3-4 times a day. See an eye doctor if a stye lasts longer than a week despite applying warm compresses or if you notice swelling and redness beyond the eyelid (in the eye or other parts of the face).

Do you develop Styes often?

Narayana Nethralaya offers medical treatment for stubborn styes which are large and painful and do not respond to self-care measures. Our highly skilled Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon has the right knowledge and diagnostic tools to help identify the core cause of your eye problem. Treatment could include antibiotic creamor eye drops, a steroid injection to reduce the swelling, or a surgical incision under local anaesthesia to drain the stye. For more information about treatment for Stye contact Narayana Nethralaya’s Aesthetic Studio at 9538022466.

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