Sir/Madam, I have one very sincere, humble and honest suggestion in the interest of your institution and as well for patients. I visited your hospital during Dec-2019 and Jan-2020 on a 2nd & 4th Saturday. I have myopia and astigmatism and other associated problems since my boyhood days. Off late I started developing multifocal vision problem as I am on the age of 45 which mean I need Short, Intermediate/computer and Long vision issues too. Though I was wearing progressive lenses which was prescribed through other one reputed hospital As my eyes were getting strained heavily due to this syndrome I was always feeling my eyes were exhausted and always felt the eyes dry. Your doctors and Optometricians were unable to observe and understand my issue. Instead they wrote pricey imported eye drops to stop the dry eye syndrome. Later I visited my old hospital wherein I got highly personalized attention from the doctor herself. Finally the doctor prescribed me two glasses on

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