My wife got tPRK+CXL surgery on her right eye this month for Keratoconus treatment … Her consecutive followups showed her eye healthy and healing well … About our journey with the Keratoconus … We consulted a doctor in small hospital in Blr 2 years ago( year 2018)and that doctor suggested for a “cornea transplant”, which had scared whole of our family members … On of my friends suggested Narayana Nethralaya ..So we consulted Dr.Rohit Shetty in Narayana Nethralaya … After thorough tests (with latest equipment) it was proven that she had Keratoconus but not a severe one and it does not need a cornea transplantation…. We had yearly checkup with same Dr.. For two consecutive years it was stable…Third year it was becoming progressive so suggested for tPRK+CXL …. We have another checkup scheduled for next month… Over all the experience with the hospital staff was great …I would recommend all the readers of this blog to not fall prey for immature doctors and do get. Second opinion with hospitals like Narayana Nethralaya… All the best….

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