Eyes, being one of the most important sense organs of our body, too require a certain amount of attention and care like any other body parts. With increased use of technology in workplaces and daily life, most people suffer from eye problems, big or small. It is possible to maintain and improve your eyesight by following some simple and easy eye exercises daily. These exercises for eye are so effective that you can practice these even if you are not wearing glasses or even if you suffer from eye problems.

Following are some simple eye exercises which provide you relaxation and will help you improve your eye sight in the long run:

  • Palming: This is the most common but effective exercise which you can do even while at workplace. Just close your eyes. Rest your elbows on the table top and cover your eyes with your palm. Keep breathing calmly and get the feeling of relaxation pass over your eyes. With more practice, palming deliver better results.
  • Sunning: Another natural relaxation technique for your eyes is sunning. This simply means facing sunlight but with your eyes closed.
  • Shifting: Shifting is moving or rotating your eyeballs from one direction to another. You can practice this, either with your eyes closed or open. Just look to your rightward corner, and then shift your gaze to the opposite direction. The tiny eye muscles get a spurt of blood pumped in to, which makes them more active and healthy.
  • Focus on near and far objects: Eye exercises are ought to provide adequate movement for your eye muscles. In this exercise, spot a near object and also a far object from where you sit/stand. Keep your head even or level. Then, first focus on the near object. After a minute or so, shift your focus to the far object, thus flexing your eye muscles to a maximum.
  • Zooming: Another effective exercise is zooming. Just as the name implies, you are making an object zoom for your eyes. For this, sit on a chair with your arm outstretched .Keep your thumb finger up. Now, bend your arm near to your eyes, thus making the thumb appear in a zoomed fashion.
  • Blinking: Closing and opening your eyelids in fast action is also another eye exercise which flexes your eye muscles.
  • Take a quick nap: Taking a quick and short nap is said to boost your eyes and vision, as your eyes get little rest.
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