General pre-operative Instructions

  • You will be informed about your pre-operative laboratory examinations and cardiopulmonary clearance schedule. The preoperative investigation includes some blood tests and examination by the physician to determine your fitness for surgery. It also includes specialized eye tests to find out the IOL which is most suitable for your eye. It takes between 1-2 hours for the entire testing.
  • If you wish to have the examination performed elsewhere, kindly bring all the results with you on the day of your cardiopulmonary clearance with the physician.
  • If you are diabetic, please discuss with the physician about the medication you should take before surgery.
  • Please make arrangements for a responsible adult to be with you in the hospital on the day of the surgery.

What to expect after surgery

  • Patient will bedischarged on the day of surgery and no admission is required
  • On discharge from the hospital, patients will be given the next review date.
  • Also depending on the type of anesthesia and surgeon preference, some patients will be asked to wear a shield over the eye

Immediately after surgery

  • Use protective glasses when driving a two wheeler
  • You can brush your teeth
  • Activities such as reading, watching television, and light work will not
    hurt the operated eye.
  • The great majority of patients may resume light activities on 
    the day after surgery.
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