Visited on 06/Oct/2021 for a general consultation for eye dryness and discomfort. Consulted Dr.Sunitha, She was very thorough in her diagnosis. Took sufficient time to diagnose and recommend the corrective steps nicely.. Had a very pleasant experience. Good thing was even for first time visit there was no admission charges, there was only consultation charges. Also, follow-up consultation with in next 7days was free of cost. Dr.Sunitha referred for a 2nd opinion with glaucoma specialist as she suspected some minor signs in my left eye and also since I had family history. Prescribed me with some basic tear drops and lotion for a week for dryness and recommend eye lid massage exercise and hot fomentation for long term benefits. In this whole exercise I got my eye power tested with power reading report, consulted for eye dryness and also got glaucoma tested for ₹600. A very clean premise with ample FREE basement car parking. Definitely recommend everyone for a good experience. Updating my review, my follow up consultation on 08/Oct/2021 with Glaucoma Specialist Dr.Harish went well. Thankfully I don’t seem have Glaucoma and his recommendation was to get it tested once in a year or two due to family history and it’s progression can be arrested at an early stage if detected early.

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