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Good experience with Dr sujani mam.She has given well treatment done good checking with good care. My eyes are improved in all respects.Also staff has coordinated well.Good wishes to her team

Sanjay Kumar

Dr.sujani shroff nice treatment Staff Raghu nice coadination with patients

Vinoda M

Dr.sujani shroff interacted well and fully satisfied

Kavitha Reddy

Dr sujani Shroff … excellent for glaucoma services,I highly recommend her. My father got father glaucoma surgery done we truly appreciate treatment excellent good service

M S Jayaram

dr sujani shroff… highly satisfied with her diagnosed and services

brahma prasad parida

Dr sujani sheriff mam treatment is very nice & hospitality iof glaucoma department staff especially raghu is very very good.

Swamy Mathapati

Dr Sujani shroff really good and patient care well staff co-ordination nice thanking u…

Dilshad Ahmed

Dr. Sujani Shroff, was good with parents, so nicely explaining everything There was a staff guy called Raghu was very helpful… helped my mother do much.. thank you

Pavithra Pavi2624

Dr. Sujani shroff It was helffull and happy service from Dr .sujani shroff

Vasundhara R

Dr sujani Shroff treated well and good communicating nice with petients and staff Raghu also talking very friendly thankyou..

Amat Hemant

Dr Sujani Shroff has explained, the cause, regarding the cataract surgery, to be carried out in due course. Consultation was good.Dr Naren shetty had conducted the cataract ,surgery. and has explanation.

Srinath B N

Dr. Sujani shroff Nice Doctor wonderful treatment

Abhinav skanda

Dr Sujani Shroff is very gentle soft speaking and polite towards the patient

Rohit kumar

Dr Satyabala and her team were thorough professionals. They showed great empathy and professionalism, which are the hallmarks of good doctors.Dr Sujani was very impressive, she took great care and was patient enough to answer all questions and displayed keen knowledge of her subject matter. She has the makings of a good doctor.

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