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Channakeshava Murthy180

Dr.sathya Bala and dr.smitha general OPD It was very nice and nice talking about the eye care and they have said very clearly and explained and nice behaviour of the doctors and nice and we got the satisfaction for we come here and thank u mam

Neha Bhuti

Dr.Sathyabala and Dr.Smitha general OPD. Really good hospital.

Kiran Shivamurthy

Dr Satyabala Dr Smitha Gen OPD It was a great and pleasant experience. The doctors were very professional and friendly and explained everything to my understanding. Keep it up.

umesh g

Narayana netralaya eye hospital rajajinagar is one of the best hospital in Bangalore.good hospitality doctor sathya was good doctor bcz she was take care very good caring totally am happy I booked glasses in ben Franklin optical,optical staff are very co-parenting and delivery section is very cool place environment is too good ben Franklin optical product is very satisfied product and service…

Manjula M

DR.SATYABALA GENERAL OPD My experience was gud and the staff here was very supportive, overall had a very gud treatment

Shiva Kumar

Dr.sathyabala mam general OPD It was very good and nice πŸ™‚ it was quit nice and good 😊 tq mam

Sreenivasa Murthy

Dr sathya Bala and dr Smitha general opd good experience and nice doctors thank u mam

Padmashri Rao

Dr.Sathyabhala-General OPD Very good experience with doctor…neatly explained…totally very good experience

raghavendra prasad

Dr sataya bala, Dr Smitha General opd It was nice and I bring my mom here itself and I came for the check up here only and I am very much satisfied and thank u mam

Arpitha mh

Dr Sathyabala and dr smitha : good patient response Very well treated and friendly and thank u mam

Geetha Keshav

Dr.sathya Bala and dr.smitha general OPD Excellent ☺️ nice explanation and even employees corporate very nicely and every checkup got it fast and service was good and good advise thank u mam πŸ’ and very smooth and soft

Kiran Ramamurthy

Dr.sathya bala and Dr.smitha general opd The experience was smooth the doctors were friendly and they could explain in depth and nice response and doctors gave the tips to use while using the computers and very nice experience and nice precautions given and thank u mam

Santosh Patil

Dr. Satyabala and Dr Smitha, general OPD. Very approachable staff and doctors. Came for a regular eye check and everything went smoothly.

ranjitha kr

Dr satyabala Service was good, all patients are taken care very well

Rk Prince

Dr. Sathya bala and dr. Smitha general opd it was excellent and nice 🌟 and nice doctors and thank u mam

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