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Dr. Ramesh Venkatesh Reviews

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Malliga Narayanaswamy

Dr Ramesh venkatesh treatment is good overall it is excellent and staffs are all very cooperative thank you.

radhabai radhabai

Dr Ramesh venkatesh is very good doctor he will give good suggestion for us i am very happy with his service ge explains very clearly thank you.

Gaurav Kumar

Good experience over here with Dr.Ramesh Venkatesh. Hospital staffs are very friendly. Definitely I will recommend this hospital to friends and family.

arjun sn

Dr.Ramesh venkatesh….Till date everything treatment going well and 90% our problem cleared…staff and hospitality very good..thank you Narayana nethralaya.

Mansani Harini

Dr. Ramesh venkatesh Had a smooth experience with staff and doctor during the process, they are very kind and patient

Navyashree Navya

Dr Ramesh venkatesh, has suggested better options to get a cure. All the staff are good. Excellent service.

Govinda Raja

Dr.Ramesh venkatesh is very good treatment and clearly explained nice caring staff Lakshmi B G also good cooperation thanks narayana nethralaya.

Kitty Dc

Treatment given by Dr Ramesh Venkatesh is excellent staffs are very supportive especially mrs nirmala (PRO) ia very helpfull

S K Halasangi

Dr Ramesh Venkatesh explain the diagnosis very well, they maintained high standard of treatment all the staffs are well trained

Shivaprakash Vedanth

Excellent treatment given by Dr Ramesh venkatesh guides all the patients very nicely all the staffs are very soft

Pavan Kumar

Dr Ramesh venkatesh was very specific about the observation and had a smooth experience with the staff

Rajshekar Shekar

Dr Ramesh Venkatesh good doctor I refred my family members also heir staff also good

k palakshi reddy

Dr ramesh venkatesh good treatment ok God staff also good thz to naryana netralaya

Harsha P

Met Dr. Ramesh Venkatesh and had good experience with doctor. All other staff was also helpful and service was good. Thank you Narayan’s Netralaya.

ramya shree

Dr Ramesh venkatesh iam very happy to about Ramesh dr, he is good caring, and super physician my mom very happy about this doctor and narayana nethralaya thankful to Ramesh sir giving best service to eye.

Raveesha Ravi

Dr Ramesh Venkatesh He is good and convenient to me . He gave good suggests.

Shivakumar S

Dr Ramesh Venkatesh doing good treatment and explaining very well. Overall happy with the treatment.

Ramesh Shirole

Dr Ramesh venkatesh , Very nice speaking with him, Exactly diagnosed the problem and given good treatment to the patient, we continuously follow up his advice.


Dr Ramesh venkatesh At first my mother was suffering from retinal detachment the doctor was very supportive and humble to us and he answered our doubts without any hesitation and guided us in correct way and management is very humble and the way they treat the patient is good.

Divyatha B G

Dr Ramesh Venkatesh in retina treatment was good we are satisfied staff also good and co operative

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