Dr. Ramesh Venkatesh

Dr. Ramesh Venkatesh Reviews

Total Reviews – 841

Jaya Rao

I am very much satisfied by Dr Ramesh venkates Very good treatment given soft nature

Prakash K

Very good service given by all the staffs and dr Ramesh Venkatesh guided very well

Madhu DT

Dr Ramesh venkatesh very good person good nature

Mohan Reddy

Dr ramesh venkatesh treatment was well and good staff also very responsible

Lata Hugar 2BA18EI011

Dr Ramesh venkatesh I am Renuka hugar this hospital is good and treatement was good

Bharolal Mali

Very good experience with Dr Ramesh venkatesh staffs are well trained, well behaved especially mrs lakshmi was very helpful guides the patients with smile

Madhu gowda

Very good experience with Dr Ramesh venkatesh staffs are very good

Shivanna HG

Dr Ramesh Venkatesh good treatments and staff all are good good enrollment

sreehari bollineni

Dr ramesh venkatesh visited today and suggested good ans staff also treated well

Sunil Kumar

Dr ramesh venktesh treatment good satisfied staff also good

Uzaif Ulla

Excellent service given by Dr ramesh venkatesh staffs are very good

Ranganath N

Dr Ramesh venkatesh in retina treatment was good we having good opinions about treatment and staff also good and we are satisfied thz to narayana netralaya

raja shekara

Dr Ramesh venkatesh is fine well caring and treatment is very good

Ganesh R

Dr Ramesh Venkatesh is excelent doctor

praveen bovi

The services that I receive from NARAYANA NETHRALAYA is excellent. Dr.RAMESH VENKATESH and the staff are friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about my health and care.

santosh kumar

Dr Ramesh venkatesh is a very good surgeon and staff is very cooperative.

Indirappajigowda Indirappajigowda

Dr Ramesh venkatesh when I visited first time I can’t see anything after visited Dr Ramesh my eye problems solved now i having good vision to see staff are very good so soft and very helping nature

Smaya P

Dr Ramesh venkatesh treatment was good he treated well he was explaining very well about eye problems and he was giving right medicines staff also good

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