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Bryan Chris

DR.PRAGNA GHOSH pediatric eye specialist consultation was very good.she explained each and every thing clearly for my son’s eyesight issue..I am fully satisfied with hospital services..

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Ravindra Anantapur

Very happy with Dr Harsha Rao consulted for my mother and Dr Pradnya Ghosh for my son I am convinced with their expertise and care towards the patients

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shaziya s

Very satisfied with the service.Dr Pragya is approachable, friendly and diagnosis the issue really well Thank you

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Vikas Kasturi

Very efficient and very helpful service. Dr. Prajna Ghosh offered to go to late for her lunch to accomodate us.

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Girish k

Consulted Dr prajna Ghosh for my child and she examined and explained the problem very well.


Akhila Ramesh

Very strealined service. Dr pragnya Ghosh pediatrics consultant is very sensitive, sensible and good with kids

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