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Reo Kiran

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@Dr padmamalini Treatment is going well and she is very nice with patients whenever there is an emergency she will respond immediately

Saptarshi Mukherjee

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Thanks to Madam Dr. Padmamalini , under who’s s dedicated treatment my sufferings from recurrent anterior uveitis has been received. This is a message for every similar patients to find some time an get themselves treated by Madam..I must thank to the entire Team of Narayana Netralaya who has guided and supported me in the entire Treatment process..My special thanks to Rajeswari Madam and Laxmi Madam for their valuable support and cooperation in the entire treatment period.God Bless them all..

Dr Vidya Kuntoji

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Narayan netralaya is the best place for eye related concerns. From registration till consultation with the doctor, the process is arranged in a systematic manner. I liked that very much. There is no confusion or hustle in between. Patients will be known beforehand that there will be a certain amount of waiting period, so that they can plan their day accordingly.They have got all sort of higher facilities like B scan etc for eye check up. I have referred friends and family members as well and their experience has also been good. Dr Padmamalini madam is very friendly and caring. She listens to concerns patiently and makes a note of every minute thing so that she does not miss anything in her treatment protocol. Her approach is very systematic and updated with the recent advances. So without any second thoughts in mind, she can be consulted and just leave your eye concerns to be taken care of and follow her treatment as advised.

LJ lean

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Dr.Shuthi S, Amazing Organization and Dr Shuthi is a wonderful Doc. I feel much better in one week.13-06-2022 I met Dr Padmamalini with with acute eye inflammation. I am thankful to her and Narayana Netralaya for the high quality work they do towards eye care. I am very impressed with the internal computerized systems they have deployed for patient data management.I am also very thankful to Dr Padmamalini for her regular communications with my RA Doctor, . Raghavendra to find the best treatment for my condition.

suman sudhir

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Dr Padmamalini is very good Dr I am visiting the hospital since 4 yrs she is very co operative

Mohammed Iqbal

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Staff is well discipline. Dr Padmamalini is a very experience and hard working ophthalmologist.

Satish BS

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Dr Ramesh Venkatesh ,dr saibhakthi Mishra and doctor padmamalini I had injections done with dr Ramesh Venkatesh my vision is good thanks to doctor and staff

Padma Jayaraman

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Dr. Padmamalini is wonderful. Very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. Most importantly, she is willing to answer whatever questions my family and I have. Excellent.

Sindhu K S

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Dr Padmamalini Excellent doctor with great experience and a calm and composed attitude makes the most complicated problem sound so easy and treatable.She is the best in her class in national platform .Thank you for everything doctor.

Nadiya Shajahan

Dr M Padma Malini ….she is one of the best doctors which i have ever met with good professionalism and care…it was a great experience at narayana nethralaya

Jatin Manek

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Had a great experience in the hospital. Services were quick. Dr Padma Malini attended to my mother and addressed her concerns. Dr was very courteous and ensured my mom was comfortable. Thanks to Dr Padma Malini and team for the support. Thanks.

Uma maheshwari

I am visiting here from last 7 year with Dr.Padmamalini I got very good vision improvement after visiting here staff will respond with care

Venu Gopal

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No words to explain about Dr M Padma Malini we are very much satisfied with the treatment and we got confident after meeting mam

Manu Manu

Dr- padmamalini Has given nice treatment & it has cured soon . Thank you for your kindly supporting to clear this eye problem.

Rachana T

I am Satisfied with the treatment provided by the Doctor Padmamalini M and the Hospital.Thank you so much for making my Life Colourful.

Nataraj Vishwanath

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Dr M Padma Malini mam is very good… And mam will guide the patient’s very well

Shiva Prasad

We received a good treatment from padmamalini mam and we are glad for that. Staff also receive in very good manner.

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