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Had a great experience with doctor Naresh, had been to for my mother eye check up. Recommend for everyone

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Rafath Amina

Dr.naresh Kumar yadav best doctor in opthal in Bangalore very much satisfied by his approach and treatment

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Manoj Kumar

Dr Naresh Kumar Yadav, my mother had been treated by doctor NKY, she was having retinal problem. Now she is feeling good, from last six months she don’t have the problem.

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One of the best hospital in India which is specialized in eye treatment. My grandmother has underwent for anti-VEFG Injection which is taken just 15 minutes ans she is very happy with the results. Thank so much Dr. Naresh Kumar. All the best to serve the humanity.

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Rajshekhar Navalgi

Dr naresh kumar yadav We are satisfied.Really Naresh kumar yadav cool doctor & counseller uma gururajan best counselor ever.

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Kiran Gowda

My grandmother coming for the treatment. We met best consultant Dr Naresh Kumar Yadav we are happy . Thank you.

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Atul Raghuvanshi

Dr Naresh kumar yadav Consulted Dr Naresh for retina detachment surgery. He is experienced, generous and nice doctor.

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Sidhu K.S.

I had retina detached I my left eye. I went Dr, Naresh Kumar Yadav. He adviced me go for surgery. After surgery my vision came back. Surgery cost also very good. I thank to all Doctors who were treated me.

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Supriyaa B

Dr.Naresh Kumar Yadav Quiet patientful and gives the detailing of the diagnosed report to patients.

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Preethi ys

Naresh Kumar Yadav , It was a good experience with the doctor . We got the complete analysis about my mom’s retina problem which really made us comfortable . Thanks for the doctor fir giving us the clear analysis.

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Ashok V 

my brother taking treatment right eye operation done ..best treatment by Dr Neresh kumar yadav. my brother undergone the treatment. I am satisfied with service and treatment staff are very co operative thank you.

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Rama Rao

met Dr sanjay ,Dr naresh Kumar yadav and Dr padmamalini All doctors are very good ..they gave very good service . And I done cataract operation by Dr Ravi Krishna he is also very good doctor I am very much satisfied All the best Narayana team Thank you.

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