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Sandeep Banerjee

Dr Lubna Zamir MICS cataract surgery She has done for my mother..excellent treatment… Clear Vision after 1 day of surgery.

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Rowshan Ahmed

Dr.Lubna zameer We are happy and glad to meet a wonderful docto. Family members are taken treatment here from 10year.. I am very happy to recommend and get best treatment here.. Wish you good luck for bright success

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Richa Singh

Dr Lubna Sameer She was very generous and helpful through the operation process. As my father is diabetic she took all possible care to make sure he is fit enough for surgery.

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Pawan Gowda

Dr. Lubna zammer Satisfaction and it was neat and tidy.. Each person approach is very meaning and taking care of patient end to end.. Thanks

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Aftab Ahmad

Dr Lubna has done the surgery and it was very nice. She has taken care to the patient very well. Thanks

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Ganesh N

Dr.Lubna Cataract surgery done successfully.We are happy and feeling better.thanks so much mam

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Vignesh Mahalingam

My mom has undergone eye surgery for both the eyes and she is now very Happy and she never felt she was away from home during the consultation, surgery and check up, nice people and very good service.. I would personally Thank Dr. Lubna zameer for the surgery done.

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Srinivas sreeni

Dr.Lubna Treatment done well. I am glad to meet dr and take treatment well behaved and good speaking. Thanks madam

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chinne jackson

Dr Thirumalesh is giving good guidance and treatment..We are taking follow up from 12years and going good ….. thanks for your cooperation.. . Now Dr .Lubna treated for my mother and m so happy she helped and guided a lot with care and surgery.staff are well organised and supported in all steps . thanks again for wonderful work please continue same

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Tarana Sultana

Dr.Lubna Cataract surgery done successfully we are well treated by every staff and supported in all the procedure.thanks

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Vaidhehi Kumari

Dr Lubna is very nice in treating patients and friendly .All the staff are very good .thanks for the supporters and services.

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Sundar Murthy

Treated for cataract by Dr.Lubna zameer..we were very helpful by the staff and team.Everyone is good giving correct information and coordinates well.thanks for support and service

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sadanand velechi

supporting staff and treated by Dr Lubna . We are very happy for the good response and coordination here .thanks for giving good service

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Nusrat Shaheen

Dr Lubna Zameer treated excellent for both eyes. Doctor is very Good behavior.. All staff in Opd 4 are excellently behaved and we are satisfied with quick services..thanks a lot

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