There are good doctors….And there are excellent human beings as good doctors….Dr Himanshu Matalia belongs to the latter category My mother,70 yrs old fragile lady,suffering with multiple health issues and has visited hundreds of doctors for various ailments but none…NONE was as humble and empathetic as Dr Himanshu was.She got operated for her right eye cataract in September 2020,she came out smiling from.the OT exclaiming….I can see all so clearly . Then on 25th Feb…Yesterday…She got operated for her left eye.Me and my mom travelled from Delhi specially for Dr Himanshu despite the fact that many of my batchmates are great doctors in various hospitals in Delhi ,including AIIMS.But she chose only Dr Himanshu and I’m so happy I came here .The way Dr Himanshu speaks,calming an already agitated and troubled soul… No one I’ve seen can do.I learnt so much from him despite being in the same profession.Thank you Dr Himanshu and his team for the wonderful service you are giving to the society…This world needs more people like you!!God bless you

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