Dr. Ankush Kawali

Dr. Ankush Kawali

Ankush Kavali

He completed his basic medical education from Odessa State Medical University, Ukraine. He completed his post-graduation & uvea fellowship at Aravind eye hospital, Madurai. He worked as a consultant at Aravind Eye Hospital in Coimbatore and in Tirunelveli. He was also awarded International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) fellowship to work with Dr. Foster, an imminent uveitis specialist at Massachusetts Eye Research and Surgery Institution (MERSI), Boston. He has several national & international presentations to his credit including 6 publications. He has received YKC Pandit award at Maharashtra Ophthalmology Society conference (MOSCON) in 2011. He is a dedicated uveitis specialist and has a special interest in Sarcoidosis, VKH and Fuchs’ uveitis. He is currently a consultant in Uveitis and ocular immunology department at Narayana Nethralaya-1, Rajaji Nagar and also visits Narayana Nehtralaya-3 in Ashok Nagar, Bangalore.

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Reviews of Dr. Ankush Kawali

MRD No. 1158009
Excellent care & very pleasing staff & Doctors, very Supportive . Positive feel. Dr. Ankush & Dr Somshekar
MRD No. 333187
Dr. Ankush Kawali
Dr. TusharDoctors are very committed and sincere, especially we took treatment from Dr. Ankush Kawali for uveitis for my father, his knowledge, expertise in this area and his approach are amazing. He examines thoroughly and checks all the related reports sincerely. He seems to be very dedicated. With the treatment, the inflammation is gone now and we are to visit after 3 months. He also helped us to know about the associated ‘Ankylosing Spondylitis’ and advised us to visit Rheumatologist for the same and gave a reference letter.
I would like to mention here one thing -the Rheumatologist (who is a reputed doctor in this area in Chennai), appreciated that Dr. Ankush has clearly and comprehensively mentioned everything required in the letter.Overall, the hospital culture is good. They are straight-forward, do not ask for any unnecessary tests or provide unnecessary medications/treatments. None of them do any show-offs. All the employees(nurses and other staff) are kind and professional too.

We also visited another doctor Dr. Tushar initially (on Sunday) before it was identified as Uveitis. He diagnosed it correctly, started treatment in the right direction and referred to Uveitis specialist Dr. Ankush. He clearly communicated about the seriousness of it in a soft manner, and that we should not stop the drops after feeling better and to take the complete course diligently. We visited him a couple of other times for my mother too, he seems to be very talented too, very kind, sincere and communicative, examines thoroughly and very much patient enough to answer all the questions from us (even all silly questions). We get a feeling of comfort.

Overall, it gives a confidence that the doctors here are sincere, highly educated and talented and take good care about the patients’ health.
Thank you so much!