Cornea Refractive Fellowship

Cornea Refractive fellowship at Narayana Nethralaya, one of the leading eye institutes and a tertiary referral center, is a structured course which allows the fellow to be trained in one the most dynamic and vibrant departments under highly qualified and dedicated surgeons. The fellowship strives to offer state of the art training experience in Cornea and Refractive Departments.

Fellows will be trained in the following areas of expertise

  • Cornea and external eye diseases

OPD: Corneal infections, allergies, chemical/thermal injuries, dystrophies, autoimmune diseases and procedures like foreign body removal, suture removal, glue BCL under topical anaesthesia, contact lens clinic

OT: Training for minor procedures like pterygium excision, deep seated foreign body removal, corneal tattooing, EDTA chelation. It also assists in enhanced acquisition of surgical skills for major surgical procedures like Amniotic membrane grafting ,Mucous membrane grafting ,keratoplasty, keratoprosthesis, DALK, DSEK, corneal tear repairs.

  • Refractive department

Planning of various refractive surgeries , postoperative management and access to the advanced diagnostic department having all anterior segment imaging modalities like Pentacam, MS 39, Sirius, Galilei, Aberrometry, ASOCT, Orbscan, UBM, Invivo Confocal Microscopy, Slit lamp photography

OT: Training in LASIK, PRK, PTK, SMILE, Corneal Crosslinking, Intacs surgery.

Apart from clinical and surgical exposure, the future surgeons will be exposed to multiple research related opportunities at our dedicated GROW LAB.

The candidate will be undergoing wetlab training for motor and surgical skill acquisition and will be constantly engaged in academic activities. Our Eye Banking services constant inflow of donor corneas to the needy ensuring uninterrupted training opportunities for the candidates.

Training programme:

  • Qualification: Fellowship opportunity is offered to trainees with minimum qualifications: MS/DNB.
  • How to apply: The applicants are asked to submit their CV following which an interview is scheduled for further assessment.
  • Duration of fellowship: 24 months
  • Stipend: 56,000/- per month
  • For any queries please contact:

Email to :
Call: +91 9481840204, +91 9449029480


    If RGUHS – YES

    Fee Structure
    Admission fee: Rs. 22,400/- per candidate for fellowship course

    Instruments – Cornea / Refractive – Topography

    • Pentacam
    • Ms39
    • Sirius
    • Gallie
    • aberrometry
    • ASOCT,
    • Orbscan
    • UBM
    • IVCM
    • SLP

    OPD procedures

    • Glue BCL
    • Suture removal
    • FB removal
    • CL trial
    • Dispensing

    Surgical training

    • Cornea- TPK, OPK, DALK, DSEK, DMEK, PDEK, corneal tattooing, triple procedures
    • Ocular surface-Pterygium, patch graft, SLET,AMG,MMG,Tenonplasty, OSSN excision, Dermoid excision

    International applicants – can opt for short term observational or long term fellowship.
    Contact person:  Ms. Cynthia Roy (Head of Department –  International)

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