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Hi, This is Veedhashree Ravi. Here i am very glad to share my best experience at Narayana Nethralaya eye hospital Bannerghatta..I have had eye problems for the past 7 years..My eyes were small and my eyelids were drooping. I went to more eye hospitals and i took more eye tests and scans but i didn’t get a proper reply and treatment.. So after that my sister-in-law.. Who is working at this hospital.. She asked to come for a check up.. So i came here and i got a treatment with Dr. Moupia then explained to me what exactly the problems i have and why I need this surgery.. Yes i had eye PTOSIS issue. So after that the surgery was done and my eyes are very healthy and looking good now.. The thing, is it was pain-less surgery The first time i was so afraid about the surgery.. then they gave me good and very hopeful counseled before my surgery.. And then my surgery was done very well. Now my eyes are very good. Now I come to know that eyes are how important in human life.. Thanks is just a word. Thankful to DR. Moupia for your hopeful service and Did a big Cheng’s for life..I want to share my story. So that it will help others who have small eyes (PTOSIS)

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