Background : My mother had cataract to both eyes ,since very long time and it was getting bad day by day. Lucky one of our friends suggested the Narayna Nethralaya through eye camps they conduct through udaya banu Kala sangha at basavangudi. On 12th or 13th September, we had gone to camp and got access to health checkup access to Nethtalaya and got the pre check done after few days after. About the Narayana Nethralaya : I would be delighted to say the Narayana Nethralaya is one of best hospital with world class facility, high quality experience staff and hospital stand for human values and better quality life for all humans. All the doctors here are kind, experts on subject they handle and hospital is extremely organized for proper manegement. Through the process I didn’t had even I single trouble of getting check or taking a second opinion or feelings discomfort for being with patient attendee or my mother being the patient. And one pointed I should point out is Im working, so I couldnt bring my mother during week day as I have to apply leave and take approved from my office or on during weekends as hospital will be under maintenance. So hospital staff was kind enough to schedule cataract operation on October 2nd on national holiday. In the ending note my sincere gratitude and respect for all the managment members especially to founder and Managing Dr. K Bhujang shetty for getting all world class facility in Bangalore and making it accessiable to all people, udaya banu kalasangha for making the camp and getting the surgery done for free of cost and Dr. hema malini madam for doing surgery on national holiday reducing burden and tension for attendee and also during surgery with best expertise. P. S : (just one point not main one) as stomach is part of human, kindly make canteen for attendee so during waiting we can make stomach be happy……

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