In recent years medical science has grown by leaps and bounds from blanket treatments to target based treatments involving highly specialized techniques like cell-based therapies. To keep up the pace with this, we decided to establish an indigenous, top class Ocular Stem Cell Research Laboratory in Narayana Health City. It was only after a lot of efforts that we could overcome the challenge & established.


Karnataka’s First Ocular Stem Cell Research Laboratory

Abiding to the international standards of Stem Cell Research, we have now “Grade B” Class 10,000 Core Processing Lab with GMP regulations. After deriving our protocols for Limbal & Conjunctival Stem Cell Culture, we started our clinical work in June 2008. Impressed by our GMP facilities, Narayana Health City decided to add our team thus widening our area of research from only Ocular to Cardiac, Neuronal, Hemopoitic, Orthopedic, Mesenchymal & Cord Blood Stem Cell Research.This upgraded facility is now called ‘Narayana Health City Stem Cell Research Laboratory’ (NHC SCRL).


What are stem cells?

Stem-Cell-Research3Stem cells are Mother cells or Unspecialized Primitive cells or Master cells kept and set apart as the source of replacement cells in a multi cellular organism like human which have infinite life span. These cells have the ability to differentiate into other cells and the ability to self-regenerate.
The zygote is the ultimate stem cell, which is totipotent with the ability to produce all the cell types of the species including the trophoblast and the embryonic membranes.In early stage of development it gives two equally competent daughter cell by symmetrical cell division and in later stage it gives out one stem cell & one progenitor cell by asymmetrical cell division as illustrated below.


Embryonic & Adult stem cells
The embryonic stem cell is one of the earliest stages of the development of the embryo, derived from the inner cell mass of the blastocyst which is pluripotent that can give rise to cells derived from all three germ layers where as adult stem cell is an undifferentiated cell which is multipotent that is found in a differentiated (specialized) tissue.these are clonogenic and unilineal.
Stem cells generate a mixture of progeny; some daughter cells remain undifferentiated (like their parent cells) and others that differentiate.


A separate center, with a well equipped cell culture department provides certificate training program on Animal Cell Culture and Stem Cell Culture for under graduate & post graduate biotechnology, bioscience students. GLP/GTP grade cell culture facility is furnished to carryout standardizations for upcoming projects / pilot studies from MSC / MD / DNB / MS PhD students.


Dr. Himanshu P Matalia
Director Stem Cell Research & Medical Superindent (NN-2)
Dr. Debashish Das
Chief Scientist
Dr. P. Murugeswari
D. Kamesh
Junior Scientist
S. Murali
Research Associate
Reshma Shetty
Research Scholar