I have been myopic of high grade since my childhood, wearing thick glasses all the time. Wished to wake up with clear vision. Enjoyed being a computer professional. Gradually cataract curtained my vision and I was getting separated from my activities slowly and gradually. I went to NARAYAN NETRHRALAYA, examined by DR. RAVI AND TEAM. I was explained about by my eye condition, especially thinning of retina along with the narrow choices of lenses, mainly monofocal and multifocal. I chose monofocal lens with my family members. The confidence filled by Dr Ravi was a boon for me. I got operated both my eyes resulting both my eyes with nil distance glass power aided with some reading glass power. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER DOCTOR’S WORDS IN OT “NOW ENJOY GLASSFREE LIFE FOR DISTANCE”, A DREAM FOR ME. I AND MY FAMILY THANK EVERYONE OF THE TEAM FOR THIS KIND ACT. MY HEARTIEST GRATITUDE TO EACH ONE FOR EVERY BIT OF CONTRIBUTION ON HIS/HER PART. I SEEK BLESSING TO USE THIS REVIVAL OF MY EYE SIGHT IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY IN POSITIVE MANNER. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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