Dr. Anand Vinekar at Narayana Nethralaya – Rajajinagar: The IIM, Ahmedabad calls the KIDROP project “A Precious gift for a premature child”. Our daughter was born prematurely (30th week of gestation and she weighed 1080 grams) at a private hospital in Mysore. She was born on 12/09/2011. Her first eye check-up was on 3/10/2011 (at the 33rd week, i.e., within a month after her premature birth) and she was diagnosed with Retinopathy of Prematurity (RoP) in both eyes. Her second eye check-up was a week after her first i.e., on 10/10/2011 (at the 34th week). Unfortunately the RoP condition had progressed to stage 2 in both eyes. As the stage progresses, this barrier grow thicker, preventing the blood vessel from growing further in the retina. On 17/10/2011 was her crucial 3rd eye check-up/screening (at 35th week). She was diagnosed with third stage of RoP in both eyes and a laser procedure was a must do within 48 hours as advised by Dr. Anand Vinekar. Stage 3: According to Dr. Anand Vinekar, the third stage or stage 2 with plus (can call it 2.5) is when the baby’s eyes need treatment. The laser procedure to correct the problem has to be done within 48 hours after meeting the threshold for treatment to save VISION. And, with our consent the laser procedure was done here in Mysore to our immense relief by Dr. Anand Vinekar. Our child was very lucky that she (her vision) got treatment on time. Dr. Anand Vinekar is God for us. He explained very well and his explanation was easy to understand. He saved our baby’s eyes. The treatment suggested for both the eyes was followed religiously and now our child is doing fine, lot of improvement and her vision has improved nicely. We wish many more doctors get to know about this problem. We want to share this information and happiness with other parents and ensure that the quality of their children’s lives is also maintained. We would highly recommend anyone who has a premature baby with the KIDROP program. They have been doing a great help in the field of pediatric Ophthalmology, wish them all success and God Bless them. We are thankful to Dr. Anand Vinekar for his timely treatment to our child. Thank you! Doctor, Thank you! Narayana Nethralaya and the entire team, may your tribe increase.

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